One GiG DDr Ram In Win98se.

  tufnut 22:01 10 Jun 2003

How do I get Win98 to recognise my one gig of "Crucial" DDR PC2700 Ram. On athlon XP2600.
MSI 6712 motherbaord. Could you make it step by step and very simple please. Regards to all,

  obbit 22:26 10 Jun 2003

i understood that win98/98se only recognises 512M.

  PSF 22:29 10 Jun 2003

Download Cacheman click here it is a memory manager. It will sort out the problem with Win 98 not liking more than 512mb ram

  rickf 22:55 10 Jun 2003

Correction! Win 98 can only utilise 128mb of ram as max so don't waste your time and money throwing more at it.

  H-J 22:57 10 Jun 2003

how about an XP upgrade disc?

  beeuuem 23:22 10 Jun 2003

Cacheman may work as it does keep my ram under control, though MS say a max of 512Mb for 98 and ME click here

  beeuuem 23:24 10 Jun 2003

I meant RAM, of course, not the thing that eats my grass!

  PSF 23:34 10 Jun 2003

Cacheman does say:

'Cacheman also corrects generic problems on systems with more than 512MB of RAM.'

Give it a try if not you may have to remove some of your ram.

  tufnut 15:24 11 Jun 2003

Thanks for your advice,To all and special thanks to,PSF,And beeuum. The link to MS redirected me but I will try again. I will try "cacheman and let you know if all is ok. I have XP Home installed on,C and Win98 in two other partitions
using "HyperOS" and have read,(but I dont know where), that you can get around this problem and have seen a PC advisers input showing how. It was dated around,27 march but I cannot open it at the moment. I found it a bit complicated as it mentioned entering 512+ in,Cache management.

  crx1600 17:29 11 Jun 2003

i think that cacheman simply has the option to limit RAM to 512mb, im not sure it is able to make use of the extra RAM.

you can limit the RAM yourself by clicking on start\run type in MSCONFIG then under general\advanced you can set the limit to 512MB.

click here for another KB

i do recommend cacheman as a manager too.

  tufnut 19:52 11 Jun 2003

THANKS, crx1600, I have not noticed any problems
using the full 1024 but have installed "Cacheman and bought enhancement No, (might be useful in XP,as well).I found the message from "Powerless",
To use more than 512 mb in 98,
Go to Start>run>Copy and paste
Win.ini>click ok find (V Cache)
then make the following change,
Max file cache=524288.
Does this mean that you have to type in"copy and paste"? I would try it if I knew how to do it
All the best,Tufnut

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