One to avoid

  bapiow 08:45 16 Dec 2005

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One to ovoid
Paid for item on the 10th Dec, money taken from account next day, no goods sent,
Emaild to find out where goods are, was told waiting for delivery of stock, item could be sent by the 19th Dec.
Was not told item was out of stock when orderd.
Refund I think.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:57 16 Dec 2005

I have bought many items from CD Wow and all were delivered quickly. To say that we should avoid them because of one small problem(it is Xmas so stocks will run down) is going a tad OTT.


  PaulB2005 09:34 16 Dec 2005

Dozens of satisfied orders here.....

  spuds 10:11 16 Dec 2005

Referring to One to avoid, due a delay of five or perhaps ten days seems a little ott, especially at Christmas time.

I use 101cd, and I am still waiting for a cd that I ordered 18 months ago. But I will state in their favour, that they haven't charged me for it yet.

  bapiow 10:24 16 Dec 2005

My point is.
Wow took my money before dispatching goods.
In my book, not good practice.
Personally will not use them again,

  Smiler 12:13 16 Dec 2005

Totally agree with you bapiow
Money shouldn't be taken until items are ready for dispatch :-(

  PaulB2005 15:47 16 Dec 2005

One mistake is hardly enough to warrant a call for everyone to avoid a company otherwise no-one would be in business.

They did something wrong - did you ask them about it? Why it happened? Will it happen again? Or did you just come here to complain?

  bapiow 16:39 16 Dec 2005

One mistake. no problem
Has happened Three times now, over the last
Yes I complained, no luck!
Perhaps it's just my bad luck.
Thrice bitten and that.
And yes, I came here to have a moan.
Take my money before dispatching goods, not on.
And yes, I feel a lot better now thanks.

  DieSse 17:10 16 Dec 2005

Good for you for pointing this out.

Taking money for out-of-stock goods is not *one mistake* - it's bad business prctice, and it's useful to know about it. No matter how good the company is in other respects.

  Forum Editor 17:52 16 Dec 2005

and never had a single glitch. At this time of year problems can occur (although I note that you said this has happened to you before).

I haven't noticed the company charging my card prior to despatch, but to be honest the goods usually arrive pretty quickly, so it's not a problem. Nevertheless, it's not good e-commerce practice, and you're right to complain.......which you've done.

We don't, as a rule, permit threads which exhort others to avoid a company because of one person's bad experience - all companies (without exception) have the odd problem.

  Simsy 12:53 18 Dec 2005

but on seeing this thread I thought I'd contact them and ask what the policy was. The response is here quoted;

"Thank you for your enquiry.

Billing is immediately initiated when an order is placed, because that
is how our payment service provider (Worldpay) operates.

They authorise and debit your card simultaneously.

We consider the alternative - to store your card details and submit them
to Worldpay at a later date - as unsatisfactorily insecure.

I trust you'll agree that offering a safe and secure method of payment
system is integral to building consumer confidence in shopping over the
Internet, and hope being charged in this way will not deter you from
using our site in the future.

If there is anything else we can do for you please don't hesitate to get
back to us.

Kind Regards"

It's a response that seems to make sense... however, the explanation does seem to suggest that other online retailers keep the card details before submitting them... CDWow are suggesting this is potentially insecure. Are they correct?



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