Olympus Master software

  rmcqua 15:37 19 Dec 2005

I have just bought a new Olympus c500 digicam and am having problems installing the "Olympus Master" software on my pc (which installs just about anything with no problems). Has anyone else experienced this - any suggestions? Olympus have tried to be helpful but have not come up with a solution.
System is P4 3.2GHz, 2Gb DDRAM, 160 Gb hard drive, Asus P4P800-E Deluxe mainboard running Win XP Professional.

  Diemmess 16:08 19 Dec 2005

Having had 3 Olympus cameras in recent years, I have been happy to read the operating manual a huge affair in pdf, and perhaps try the Camedia software which allows browsing and simple file handling.

But far the best way to put the camera shots on the PC is to hook up the USB connection and copy straight to the HD.

Early attempts to go straight into a fancy editing program seemed doomed to complexity and failure.

Try browsing the CD and see what is offered.... but I'd not bother with making your PC recognise the camera as a specific model.

  jack 17:21 19 Dec 2005

As oft been said the best thing to do with camera supplied software [any camera] is to leave it in the box.

AS Diemness has suggested plug the camera in via USB[Or use a card reader- saves camera batteries]
and XP will simply put up another drive which will be the camera file folder.

Copy them off to a folder of choice and work them up
in any photo editor.

  realist 19:00 19 Dec 2005

Do you suppose this "direct usb" method would also work with w98se?

  Diemmess 19:58 19 Dec 2005

It did for me while I was using 98SE
Provided 98SE is configured for USB which might not be the case on some older boxes that didn't have USB sockets except as an extra

  jack 20:18 19 Dec 2005

Will this do for 98SE?
Diemess says it did for Him

Maybe 98Se was on the edge cerainly if you get hold of a card reader its software will in all probability
have a 98 driver.
Asfor the Camera software having a 98 driver to enable usb that is another question
Have a look at the disk to see if any such driver is included.
Otyhrtwise do a search on the search panel
Keywords 98SE USB
I am cetain there are free downloads out there.

  Diemmess 20:54 19 Dec 2005

I meant that the direct wired Camera-USB port approach worked fo me. I dabbled but didn't persist with Olympus drivers, no need.

The first camera had no USB connection and I bought a Flashpath "floppy."
This appears in A: drive, is slow, has its own drivers for Windows. I guess it is superceded by USB card readers these days.

I hope I am correct in saying Win98SE can handle USB -1 and configure the ports ready for use. What it does not have, are the individual drivers for anything which is plugged into those sockets.

  rmcqua 09:39 03 Jan 2006

Thanks for all the thoughts, guys. I have decided to use the Windows photo transfer wizard (and leave the Olympus software in the box). It does everything I need.

  Diemmess 07:40 04 Jan 2006

When you feel like trying something different now that the transfer problem is solved, you could do worse than explore the Camedia CD.

Ignore the drivers, that's agreed, but load the file handling thing. It is fine for browsing your hoard of fine art!
if you do try it and don't like it it uninstalls cleanly with no fuss.

Also there is a huge pdf file on a CD which gives a bewildering amount of detail on setting up and using your camera. Frankly i only use this when stuck.
I'm not sure which is more difficult, making sense of the tiny print in most modern languages in the handbook, or trying to find the right page in that pdf file and remember what it said!

  rmcqua 08:41 04 Jan 2006

Good idea Diemmess, I'yy try playing with the file handling thing when I've accumulated a few photos (I love the camera, by the way).

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