OLPC XO laptop now at Amazon UK

  realist 15:25 17 Nov 2008
  Joe R 17:33 17 Nov 2008

Looks a bit lightweight and expensive compared to some of the other "mini" laptops on the go at the minute.

  curofone 17:59 17 Nov 2008

Well it is not really designed for the west world is it. The machine is designed for third world children, so that they get exposed to technology and have better education tools and therefore have a better chance of working themselves and their country out the third world class that we have labled them.

This is a fantastic idea if you ask me, yeah you might be able to get a better laptop for the money but if you have a young child who you want to give them their first laptop and you can afford this then you can not really do better and you have the statification of not only helping your own child but one less fortunate

  Joe R 19:47 17 Nov 2008


I am not arguing with the OLPC theory, it's just that there are cheaper and better systems around, which would fit the bill better.

If I remember rightly, these were laptops supposedly around the £100 mark, when this first came around.

  Belatucadrus 20:13 17 Nov 2008

Don't forget you buying two machines not one. You keep one and the other goes to a child in a developing nation.
click here

  Joe R 20:22 17 Nov 2008


sorry I did not realise that, but I still feel that there will not be too many sold.

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