Old phone new phone?And whats on it

  astec123 16:34 28 Dec 2003

I recently bought a new phone (nokia6800) for a family member who I gave it 2 on xmas day the phone when she sterted using it had text messages and other information on it about the seemingly first owners use of it.what am i to do?The first problem i have is I live in ireland so UK law doesnt apply here, second its not a new phone which is what i paid for finally there is this persons information on its memory.I havnt contacted anyone about this whats my best options?do i phone the company i bought it from or what?

  beeuuem 17:50 28 Dec 2003

This information may help.
"If you have a problem with any goods bought in Ireland, or live in Ireland
you can contact:"
European Consumer Centre
13a Upper O’Connell Street
Dublin 1
Telephone: + 353 (0) 1 809 0600
Email: [email protected]
click here

At the very least they could tell you where to get help.

  beeuuem 17:52 28 Dec 2003

PS Although, in the first instance, it is always .as well to contact the firm you bought the 'phone from, they may be perfectly willing to sort out the problem.

  Forum Editor 19:03 28 Dec 2003

Legalities notwithstanding, the company concerned will undoubtedly want to avoid a fuss, and should move rapidly to prevent their mistake becoming known to a wider audience.

Give them a ring, and tell them you would like what you paid for, and you would like it now. Accept no excuses or justifications - if the phone is second-hand they've contravened Irish consumer legislation, and at the very least they should let you have a month's free network access by way of compensation for your embarrassment - the phone was a Christmas present after all.

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