Oh no! Not another 'Watsit worth' question.

  lisa02 20:19 13 Jan 2007

I'm deciding to go the laptop replacement route and ditch the ugly desktop...

It's Compaq 1639 click here for full spec. It comes with an extra Philips lightscribe dvd rewriter and another 1GB of RAM, making 4 x 512mb sticks. Includes a MX518 gaming mouse and 19inch Samsung TFT and NXT speaker system.

Any opinions on the decision to move to laptop only, as I find myself doing less than less tinkering I think a laptop is ideal.

  terryf 20:52 13 Jan 2007

I wouldn't ditch the desktop except to get a replacement, laptop screens are tinier, size does matter when it comes to displays and a 19" beats a 15" any day, laptop keyboards are smaller and more crowded, because all the components are more specialised the laptop is more expensive than the same spec desktop. As for touchpads, you can keep 'em A flat screen display, wireless keyboard, mouse and a printer take up much the same desk space as a laptop. A laptop gets hot when operated on your lap, is well nigh impossible to upgrade, more expensive to repair. Need I go on? My son buys from click here for his business and I have bought from click here , both good value for money

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:19 13 Jan 2007



  lisa02 21:23 13 Jan 2007

I was grudgingly thinking the same (£350) if I go ahead and flog it I'll add a bit on and bargain with the flood of prospective buyers... ;))

  tullie 21:28 13 Jan 2007

I have gone totally laptop,best thing i ever did,and as for temperature,who uses laptop on their laptop lol

  Totally-braindead 00:44 14 Jan 2007

If you're not a gamer then go for it. A laptop will do everything a desktop will (except gaming) though if something does fail on them they are more expensive to repair and you have to bear that in mind.

  cyberphobic 11:08 14 Jan 2007

If you do decide to go the laptop route, please make sure you ae familiar with this advice -
Q: What do I do if I spill a drink onto my laptop?
A: Immediately unplug the laptop from the mains, shut down, remove the battery and place the laptop in a dry place (at room temperature).
Do not use the laptop again until it is completely dry.
If you spill a drink on a desktop keyboard you will ruin the keyboard, if you spill a drink on a laptop keyboard you will ruin the laptop. Within the last month my wife has demonstrated this with a glas of red wine and my mate did the same with a cup of coffee!!

  lisa02 20:12 14 Jan 2007


Insurance against accidental damage and as I am extra careful with stuff, the threat of death to those who might not be so careful with my stuff?

Ok will here's the story I'm still in two minds about the laptop only scenario. I usually keep a system a year or so and buy a new one. I have had a sort of half offer to buy this for £450 (I said £500 to start with ;D ) the girl knows what I'm like with stuff (careful - keeps everything as new, anal-retentive is what I'm commonly called )and wants me to speak with her tomorrow on the deal.

So it'll pr

  freaky 20:53 14 Jan 2007

If you are away a lot and wish to keep up to date via a computer, then a laptop is the answer. If not then I see no advantage apart from space saving. They are far more expensive to upgrade/repair, and cost wise do not give the same value for money as a PC.

Their main advantage is mobility...you can use them anywhere. I would assume from your user name that you are female, if this is the case then you would be able to use it in the bathroom. Females tend to spend a lot of their time there !

  Kate B 23:41 14 Jan 2007

How is that bathroom remark even remotely relevant?

I'm with the don't-ditch-the-desktop crowd, actually, lisa02. Laptops are great for travel and as a second machine (I'm tapping this out on the sofa on my elderly iBook) but they're poor value for money and you can't upgrade them, as others have pointed out.

  Border View 11:48 15 Jan 2007

When my old desktop went belly up I replaced with a laptop. Mistake. OK its great if I want to take it away during the summer, but here at home I have had to buy new speakers, a power USB hub, a mouse (I just cant stand the touch pad) and a USB keyboard.

If I had my time over again I would have been more patient and bought a desktop.

Laptops are great as a second computer but not as your main one.

Oh and the screen size on the laptop was a big let down. If you do get a laptop get a one with a square screen and not wide screen. A lot of web sites are not capable of being viewed correctly on a wide screen and this means your viewing area is reduced even further.

After all the above - get a desktop not a laptop.

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