OH Dear!!! OH Dear!!! DSG Under Fire!!!!

  ajm 22:57 20 May 2003

check these out from THE Register

click here

click here


click here

  spuds 00:44 21 May 2003

Looks like the cats have got their claws out for the DSG group of companies. Reading in yesterdays newspaper, the OFT are still putting a magnifying glass to DSG extended warranties.

  mole44 08:08 21 May 2003

extendes warrantes ,no they do not have a monopoly,you only have say "no" i`ll go else where.you do it with other insurance,i do it with electrical ,there that simple.

  [email protected] 11:33 21 May 2003

The staff of the above named stores must be embarressed when offering a £12 "coverplan" for a toaster that only cost £28 in the first place.

Scary thing is that people must still shell out the £12.

  Forum Editor 09:57 31 May 2003

that a company is a collection of individuals, and sometimes one of them - or several of them will provide service that is simply abysmal. Contrast that with the stories about excellent service and you'll begin to get an idea of how difficult it is to run a huge retail business with any degree of success. Policies can be dictated from the top until the cows come home, but unless the staff see the sense behind the dictates from head office they simply will not practice them in the stores.

I have worked with one of Britain's giant retailers, and I know exactly what it's like. Senior managers are to blame when it goes wrong - not the staff in the stores. If there's a proper training program , and staff are properly motivated (that's a euphemism for being paid enough) the company will see the results in customer satisfaction. There's no great mystery in the theory, the skill is in getting the right policies out to the branches and making sure that managers know precisely what the company wants from its staff. A good store manager will know a good deal of it intuitively, and you'll sense it when you enter the store.

Senior managers must realise that in the retail industry it's not good enough to sit in head office and have meetings about how to motivate people - you must go out into the stores and do it personally.

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