Office PC Required - £800 Challenge

  longwalk 21:07 04 Jun 2010

Hi Guys,
Firstly I would like to explain what I need the pc for:

- Small business : accounts info, invoices etc need to be created from here and sent etc.

- Needs to be able to handle large files as alot of work I do is design based. Programmes like:
Fireworks, Photoshop, Coral etc

- Needs to cater for many music files and some videoes, I dj on the side and all my collection is ripped to a seperate computer . Will have programmes like cubase vst installed

RAM needs to be: 6GB / 8GB / ?
Hard Drive : 1.5 Tb minimum
Blu Ray player
Good sound card

Not concerned with graphics as I dont play games on it, In a nutshell it needs to be able to handle numerous programmes and operate without a glich as my current DELL 5150 with 250GB and laptop are dying lol.

Just need base unit and monitor.

Budget is £900, been looking at: and cube

click here

whats their customer support like?

Cheers guys

  ukpostcode 23:10 04 Jun 2010

Try click here
Ring them and discuss what you want.
They are very helpful & very customer focused

  chub_tor 08:07 05 Jun 2010

If you do a search for PC Specialist on this forum you will see a mixed bag of results but they have run into some flak of late click here.

Cube247 are fairly new to this forum and a quick search shows that most buyers are pleased with them.

Novatech have always had a good reputation (do a forum search and you will see) although there have been one or two negative reports in recent months.

  longwalk 12:54 06 Jun 2010

Hi Guys
thanks for the links,
I think there will be no company who doesnt have negative reviews; however NOVA seem to be the way forward anyone bought from them personally?

also what RAM should I been looking for I have been advised 8GB , however I was thinking it might be worth it for 12GB or is this to much?

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