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Office 2010 end of support Oct 13 2020

  x13 17:30 26 Oct 2019

Decided to install Office 2010 on a secondary laptop so dug out my key and found the download link buried at the bottom of the Microsoft site dodging the 360 push :)

Anyway there were a lot of updates to download and at the very bottom of the list was the Service Pack 2 which had downloaded and installed first and waiting for a reboot. The other updates won't install until the SP2 has after a reboot. The rest then install in no particular order. Just a heads up if you still have the 2010 version and might find it useful for a secondary machine. Click here .

  x13 23:58 26 Oct 2019

grumpy old man it's just a heads up post for those that use the 2016 or 2019 versions and have an old backup laptop and they happen to have a licence for 2010 . At least it will be up to date when support ends. That's all. I do know how to use unsupported software and various tricks of the trade but that wasn't the purpose of this thread.

  Forum Editor 12:24 27 Oct 2019

People who do not use MS Office for much more than the occasional Word document can manage perfectly well with older versions, provided they understand the potential dangers facing them when MS support comes to an end.

Anyone who thinks that unsupported software vulnerabilities can only be exploited by email attachments is potentially inviting a nasty surprise. Similarly,firewalls and anti-virus applications offer no protection against unpatched vulnerabilities.

If you use MS Office to any appreciable extent you would be wise to get the latest version, and keep it updated. Office 365 is the best thing that ever happened to regular users of Office applications.

  Forum Editor 15:35 27 Oct 2019

" might want to answer me in a private message so would be hackers don't get any silly ideas."

Why on earth would I want to do that?

As for your comment about not opening Word docs in email attachments - I will happily explain where you are giving yourself a false sense of security. It isn't necessary for you to open an email attachment in order for a vulnerability in Word to be exploited. Hackers can use a Microsoft Office vulnerability to distribute backdoor malware which they can use to control an infected system and provide attackers with the ability to extract files, execute commands and so on. An unsupported version of an Office application will not have the latest exploit patches, and will therefore be at increased risk.

You can obviously choose to ignore that risk, but I have to ensure that your advice to other forum users is not based on an incorrect understanding of how security breaches can occur.

My advice to anyone is always to use the most up-to-date version of a software application that you can afford. A subscription to Office 365 Personal version costs just over £1 per week - hardly a fortune in this day and age. It gets you the Premium versions of Office applications, and you are always using the very latest version. You can install the software on all your computers and your phone, and use it online on any computer that is connected to the internet. You also get 1TB of free Cloud storage included.

Frankly, it's a bargain.

  Pine Man 11:14 28 Oct 2019

Frankly, it's a bargain.

Couldn't agree more. I have it on my Mac, PC, two iPhones and an iPad.

  HondaMan 12:28 29 Oct 2019

I have the Family pack which gives me 5 copies. one on my main Mac and one on each laptop, plus, I run Windows 7 and 10 via Parallels desktop and have a copy on each of those. For my £96 per annum, I think that is good value! AND it's always up to date.

  Pine Man 15:31 29 Oct 2019


Are you aware that Office 365 T&Cs changed recently?

I pay £59.99 for the Home version and, in there words, 'You can install Office on all your devices and be signed in to 5 at the same time.'

  Pine Man 15:34 29 Oct 2019


Correction to the above I am on the Personal version but the rest is correct as you can install Office 365 on all your devices and be signed in to 5 at the same time with this version.

  x13 15:54 29 Oct 2019

As it's only my daughter that uses it for school I bought Office professional 2019 for £12.30 .

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