Office 2003 Due 1st October - IMHO Get It!!!

  User-367759E1-9114-481F-B005EBD0DB666035 04:17 11 Sep 2003

I have been using Office 2003 for several moths now and notice that several other members of the forum are also using it so I though this may be of interest.

I sent an email to Microsoft enquiring when the final release to the public of this excellent program was scheduled and was told 1st October. Not only that, but there will be an immediate release of the Professional, Standard, Upgrade and Student & Teacher versions available from then.

Prices range from £470 (Pro, Full) £269 (Pro Upgrade) and for those in education £120.

I really cannot tell you how brilliant this program is, and if you though that Office XP was good, just wait till you try this.

Thats all, just a date for your diary as it is only just two and a half weeks away!!

  SheffieldSpy 08:29 11 Sep 2003

Go on Smiffy99, sell it to me. Why would I, a happy user of Office 97 professional upgrade to Office 2003?

£269 is a lot to spend to get a reading view in Word and a smarter Outlook interface. What can I significantly do better in Office 2003 that is hard to do in Office 97?

  -pops- 08:51 11 Sep 2003

For those without oodles of cash to splash around, Open Office is free click here

  tomhealy 09:10 11 Sep 2003

Click where?

  -pops- 09:25 11 Sep 2003

Sorry, don't know what happened there?!?!?!

click here

  Forum Editor 19:11 11 Sep 2003

and can confirm everything that Smiffy99 says. It's the best yet, by far.

  -pops- 19:24 11 Sep 2003

Fine for businesses with loads of spare cash but what about the domestic market?

It may well be the best yet and I have no reason to doubt that but, do its improvements justify spending another multiple hundred pounds to upgrade a system which also cost a multiple of a hundred pounds only two or so years ago?

  VoG II 19:48 11 Sep 2003

It certainly looks good click here

I have a feeling that VoG and his money will soon be parted.

  Belatucadrus 19:50 11 Sep 2003

I'm with -pops-, I've used various generations of Office at work for years but never had it loaded on any of my home PC's and I can't say that I feel any the worse for it. I now feel happy using Smartsuite, Star or 602Pro and none of these, even in commercial packages are in the same ballpark price wise as Microsofts offering. Even if you only upgrade, for a medium sized company £269 times however many licences you need is going to have the IT buyers seriously considering alternatives.

  powerless 19:57 11 Sep 2003

Heres to the next Office suite then...

  PªūĽ ? ♂ 20:00 11 Sep 2003

I think I will pass click here

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