OEM Software

  Sic 11:09 23 Mar 2007

When i built my PC last year i installed an OEM copy of XP Media Centre. This week i upgraded the motherboard and processor and obviously did a full format and new install.

It verified online first time no questions asked, i was always led to believe that OEM copies were tied to the motherboard?

Not complaining!!

  ventanas 11:32 23 Mar 2007

I last queried this with Microsoft about two years ago and I was somewhat confused by their response.

Apparently the license, according to the person I spoke to, is tied to the motherboard and the "chassis" whatever that is, he would not elaborate further. I took it to mean the case. But as that carries no information that could be included in activation I could be wrong. Hence my confusion.

  keef66 14:46 23 Mar 2007

It seems to vary an awful lot. Some people replace just one component and find themselves phoning Microsoft, other replace several and it verifies without a hiccup.

I've only ever replaced HDD's and RAM; no problems there

  spuds 17:25 23 Mar 2007

I have just replaced a hard-drive and processor, then re-installed the original OEM XP Home to the part new build computer. Connected to the internet and activation went smoothly.

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