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  DAGO49 21:21 16 Aug 2003

Hi all,
A friend of mine (not me 'onest) recently had Norton Anti Virus installed on her PC for which she was charged around £30.00, when I looked at her disc it said clearly on it "OEM version. ONLY to be bundled with new PC. NOT to be sold seperately" She has no booklet with the disc, or a box. The guy that installed it runs a reputable local PC supply & repair shop. Is this right or is it Fraud?

  recap 21:31 16 Aug 2003

He may be licensed to supply the software.

The definition of OEM is: "A `systems house` or `sytems integrator` that purchases large quantities of equipment from a supplier for use in the systems it produces and, for this reason, enjoys a special relationshiop with the supplier, it may, for example, receive early information about new or upgraded products as well as substantial discounts. Because the meaning of the term is rather ambiguous, it is sometimes misused to mean the supplier rather than the systems house".

  spuds 21:40 16 Aug 2003

OEM bundles are usually sold with new computer systems. But a way as been found around this rule, that the OEM can be supplied with a component ie harddrive, mobo or perhaps a mouse device.With OEM,the disk is supplied minus instructions, box etc. The support should be provided by the supplier.The word Fraud is a little strong, and I would not suspect that the supplier as this intention when they supplied the programme. Seeing that it cost £30.00 would have perhaps incorporated the installation process.If you or your friend is not sure, why not have a chat with the supplier, and see what they say.

I and a number of forum user, have AVG installed on our machines, and we find that this freebie is a great programme.Why spend £30.00 (;o)

  spuds 21:55 16 Aug 2003

Just checked some prices, and found click here are selling Norton AntiVirus 2003 for £14.99 + p/p [rrp £39.99]

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