OEM or Retail XP ??

  Blokka 10:33 22 Jan 2004

Not to sure as to where this post should be so if its in the wrong place my apolgies, anyway what im curious about is whats the difference between windows xp retail and the oem version? now im guessing here but is oem mainly used by companys who preinstall windows on machines they build so they dont have to buy a OS everytime they build one, so the oem version can be installed on many machines without breaking any copyright laws? if im wrong i stand corrected.

  Jester2K 11:03 22 Jan 2004

OEM is Original Equipment Manufacturer. You are correct that an OEM copy is used by system builders. However if you are buying hardware to build a PC yourself you can also buy an OEM copy legally, but it must be at the same time as the hardware is bought.

A Retail copy is one you buy off the shelf to install on a PC you own.

There is no other difference between OEM and Retail.

The number of PCs you can install to is determined by the license. This can be bought separately if you need it for more than One PC. For example an Office might buy 25 PC with 25 Licenses but only get two CDs (One Master and One Backup)

Usually a big System Builder like Dell will use one copy to make a Master Installation and then buy a license for say 50,000 machines. They keep buying licenses as they need more and clone the original PC on to the others.

A small shop might sell each PC with its own OEM copy of the OS.

  minter 11:12 22 Jan 2004

Another thing about the OEM version is that it can only "ever" be used on the original pc it was installed to.

By ever, it means that you install the OEM onto a computer and you can use it as long as the computer lives. After it dies you cannot then put that copy of XP into another computer.

The retail version allows this.

Thing is - by the time your computer is dead and buried (if it is a recent one) XP will be dead and buried too.

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