OEM or retail ??????????

  rupie 22:36 04 Oct 2004

I am building my next pc and so need a copy of xp to put on it. I have seen many different versions on sale. This includes the full retail version from Microsoft to an OEM version for much less. normally the OEM version comes with a pc so if sold seperatly (and much cheaper) what is the difference and who is my warrenty support with ?

  ste_bla 22:56 04 Oct 2004

OEM - Need to buy with hardware, should only be installed on one orginal computer that hardware was meant for, in theroy the retailer does the warrenty which is normally sod all

Retail - Retail shops! installed on any computer but only one active eg if buy new pc put on that and uninstall off old one, microsoft do the warrenenty

  Jdoki 22:59 04 Oct 2004

I recently bought a copy of XP Home OEM as I was building a new system.

The CD came packaged with a thin book with installation instructions and troubleshooting info.

It also comes with the 'Certificate of Authenticity' sticker which you can peel off and attach to your case.

On the front of the book there is the following paragraph.
'This OEM software may not be delivered unless accompanied by the required hardware under MS OEM System Builder License located at' click here

Once the software is installed MS will provide full support. If the disk is faulty I'm not sure if the seller or MS will cover that.

  rupie 23:08 04 Oct 2004

I need to use the new pc for my business so i need to both save money but get support. Would I be right in saying that an OEM version is a legitimate copy without support, in my situation but cheap and a retail copy would be expensive but with backup

  spuds 09:52 05 Oct 2004

Try click here and key QuickFind code 66489 [XP Home/SP2=£61.95] or QuickFind Code 66490 [XP Pro/SP2=£97.12]. Both are OEM and supplied with licence.Ideal for your next build.

  961 15:40 05 Oct 2004

If you buy a retail version you will get support from Microsoft (including some telephone support)for a limited time (90 days?)

If you buy an OEM version you will not. You can buy a copy with the bits you are buying to build your computer or from the supplier you bought them from. You can also buy a copy with a bit of hardware such as a fan

But with both you will get all the support from the Microsoft web site which is really all you need if you are sufficiently computer literate to build your own

Both are entirely legit if you are building a computer and you buy either from an authorised supplier

I suggest oem will suit your purpose and save you money

The only downside is that it will not be possible to install that copy onto a new computer that you build in 3 years time, whereas you could do that with the retail version so long as you trash the old computer or sell it without the o/s

  arnibabes 18:46 05 Oct 2004

when it comes to hardware in most cause`s,perfectly OK to buy.
But when it comes to Microsoft software only buy
To many problems with there OEM stuff, no cover,
only one computer, if your old burns out you can not transfer xp o/s over to new m/c
regards, venus

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