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An OCR app capable of dealing with long docs.

  1936 19:38 19 Nov 2019

I am studying a subject where I'm constantly finding documents up to 500 pages long which I need to be able to copy paragraphs from to work with and one can’t do that with PDF documents therefore I need an OCR application and as I’m not a latter day Einstein it needs to be reasonably easy to operate. I started to look for free applications and soon found they would only offer three pages or so before asking me to pay for a commercial application. No problem with that but if they claim to be free then free they should be. I thought that I may find something with Microsoft or Windows and that as I use Windows 10 if there were such applications such OCR applications may be more effective. My wish list is as follows: A free Microsoft possibly Windows 10 OCR application. A paid for Microsoft possibly Windows 10 OCR application. If anyone considers that there are better OCR applications than Microsoft or Windows 10 I would be happy to consider them free or paid for. PS I read that some scanners carry an OCR application. I have an Epson GT 1500 and am not clever enough to work out if that is so with my scanner.

  BRYNIT 12:42 20 Nov 2019

Do you have Office 2016 or above, if so right click on the pdf file and select open with/chose another app/more apps and select word the PDF will open after a while and you will be able to copy and paste from it. Due to page size and fonts available you may find a slight change in pages and layout.

  1936 14:54 20 Nov 2019

I have Office 2010 not Office 2010. Will it work?

  x13 15:19 20 Nov 2019

Have a look at this thread, link , tried many apps but the best one I could find was Talkhelper. About £30. You can trial it free (with watermarks) and seems to work well. Unfortunately the thread starter didn't give any feedback on the help I offered.

1]: [click here

  BRYNIT 17:18 20 Nov 2019

Had a quick search and found that Office 2010 is not capable of converting a PDF file, only from office 2016 was the option added.

  1936 17:38 20 Nov 2019

Firstly all my thanks to those who offered help and advice. Eventually I decided to try PDFZilla and I have to admit that was primarily because it is inexpensive. I found it easy to download and even easier to convert a 450 page Doc.
One little niggle is I have not been able to work out how to get the doc to justify yet.

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