o2 home phone packages

  exdragon 14:56 19 Apr 2010

Starting today. I've just had a call from their outbound call centre. Despite it being the first day, the advisor I spoke to knew what she was talking about and we both arrived at the same price for the package I was interested in. She could also answer all my questions.

(Yes - I know the advisors should know their subject, but not all call centres are up to speed!)

  morddwyd 15:30 19 Apr 2010

Be nice to get any sort of reply from them, or even an automated acknowledgement, let alone someone who knows what they're talking about!

I have two mobile accounts and a broadband account with them, but they don't want to know about home phone.

  Pine Man 18:43 19 Apr 2010

I also had a phone call from o2 and as soon as my BT contract expires I'm definitely joining up.

Of all the ISP's I've been with since the 80's o2 have provided the best product with by far the best customer service.

I look forward to them providing my home phone!

  exdragon 16:45 21 Apr 2010

Interesting - I've been with BT for almost 40 years and for the first time ever, I've just had a call offering me a 'fantastic' deal on BT broadband. They couldn't beat the current £2.50 a month from o2, but did offer me email anti virus and a spam blocker. It was quite a short call when I quoted o2's prices for the package I wanted.

  KremmenUK 07:02 22 Apr 2010

Same here :-)

BT quickly ended the call when I quoted my £7.50 a month for a fast LLU service.

  morddwyd 08:16 22 Apr 2010

I've made no secret, in other posts, of my disappointment with O2, both in performance and customer service.

They may be OK in unbundled areas, but my 8 meg package drops to around 5k every evening (670 at 11.00pm last night) which is useless for any kind of streaming or big downloads, and their customer service, for me, has been (when available which is rarely) off hand, casual and on occasions almost hostile.

I never thought I'd say this, and I must be one of the few people who would, but I was much better off with Orange.

I know I am the exception rather than the norm, but I just wanted to make it known that O2 is not the fount of all that is good as some seem to believe.

  exdragon 08:36 22 Apr 2010

Like most experiences/services etc, for every good, there's a corresponding bad! You must have been really unlucky with o2's customer service, or else I've been lucky - speedy, knowledgeable, consistent and not obviously read from a script, ignoring my comments.

Of course, I may be left with egg on my face and will change my forum name to hammer o2 once I've left BT. I worked for BT for 25 years and must say it's the one remaining service which I haven't changed.

  interzone55 09:18 22 Apr 2010

The few occasions when I have had to call O2s customer service team the service has been little short of excellent.

On time during the worst of the winter weather my connection was lost entirely, so I called the technical helpline (0800 number, as it should be for all ISPs) and when they couldn't help me in the front line support I was passed on to the high level support, who were busy, so I was told they called me back in 10 minutes, in less than 10 minutes I was called by someone from their home number, who went through a few checks before deciding that the router was at fault and arranged for a new one to be delivered next day.
The router arrived less than 12 hours after my call.

When you are not in an LLU area your connection is at the mercy of BT Wholesale or whatever they're called these days, so there isn't much O2 can do about your connection speed, but you should still get first class customer service, I suggest you raise your concerns with a manager, and enquire about when your exchange is being unbundled...

  spuds 10:47 22 Apr 2010

It seems very strange how one person's experiences can be totally different from other people's experiences from the same company, but I do know that it happens, but I wonder why?.

Is this through training, overseas call centres or what?.

I was originally with BT/Lineone Surftime, transfered to Lineone, then Tiscali, now Talk Talk (all by automatic transfer), and over the years I have met with many different problems and experiences. BT are still sending 'Welcome Back' correspondence, and at times I have had to consider their offers in a most favourable way. But the final outcome, is one of "should I or shouldn't I change" in the devil you know!.

  interzone55 12:56 22 Apr 2010

I too find this strange.

In the case of O2 you can discount overseas call centres, they're all in the UK. The three I've dealt with have been clustered around the M62 corridor.

I've spent years working in customer facing roles, and not wishing to make any comment about morddwyd, I've found that the people who get the worst customer service tend to be the people who have a bad attitude to begin with. If you start off aggressive the customer advisor is instantly defensive, so will not be prepared to bend over backwards for you, and occasionally the contact session will then spiral out of control and everybody loses...

  spuds 13:23 22 Apr 2010

Funny that we should be talking about call centre issues. I have just had another call (approx 40 in last 5 months)from a call centre representing British Gas (I use to have an account with them).Conversation went as approximately as follows.

BG: Is that Mr xxx
Me: Yes
BG: We have a special offer, and..
Me: Hold on a minute, I told one of your colleagues that I did not want any more telephone calls. Can you arrange and agree for this to happen.Your colleague stated that he would deal with the problem.
BG: Well yes, but..
Me: No buts, can you arrange and agree.
BG: Yes, but..
Me: Okay then. So as to not waste any more of your time or mine, I will now terminate this call, on an hopeful farewell that all will be fine. Good day. (put phone down)

A few minutes later, I can still hear the sounds of a very noisy and busy call centre.
Did I catch the person unawares, or was they being vindictive?.

Apologies for the hi-jack.

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