O2 and Home Phone package

  exdragon 09:11 09 Apr 2010

I see the expected March launch of this has been put back to May - apologies if it's already been posted.

In this link, click here, can someone tell me what the difference is between the Standard 8 meg Anytime, international calls included for £20 and the same package under the Access heading? Likewise, the Premium and Pro seem to be charging £22.50 and £30 for identical packages.

Or am I missing something so obvious that I'm going to be embarrassed by the first reply?

  hastelloy 14:58 09 Apr 2010

I can't see any difference either. Perhaps the Access and Pro have some features which are not explained - better be good for the extra charge!!!

  anniesboy 16:04 09 Apr 2010

I think Access is the only option if you are on a non LLU exchange

  interzone55 16:55 09 Apr 2010

Access is for non LLU exchanges, so the speed is likely to be lower.

The Pro package includes a fixed IP address, which is £5 a month on other packages, up to 2.5meg upload and an 802-11n enabled router.

This link gives more detail on the differences
click here

  exdragon 17:38 09 Apr 2010

Thank you! I'm glad there's an explanation. All we need to do now is just wait, I guess.

  interzone55 21:09 09 Apr 2010

I'm really annoyed. I needed a phone line installed this last month and was hoping O2 would be up & running, but it wasn't so I had to go to BT

  exdragon 22:02 09 Apr 2010

My BT contract is up in August, so hopefully o2 may have got their act together by then. Must diary it to advise BT.

  morddwyd 08:03 10 Apr 2010

My O2 contract is up in July.

Can't wait to go back to BT!

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