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  morddwyd 07:29 17 Feb 2010

O2 frequently feature in these pages, usually favourably, so just a word of caution that it is not always sweetness and light.

I changed to O2 last year, entirely, it must be said, as a result of discussion on this forum, and it is not going smoothly.

The first thing that happened was that they set up an entirely separate account, totally divorced from my mobile account, with separate log in details. This was not made clear.

E-mails about my broadband account sent from my mobile account were answered to the broadband account (so I didn't see them) or totally ignored.

As the free offer period expired I noticed that I was being charged the standard broadband rate rather than the reduced rate offered to mobile customers.

When I queried this through my mobile account I was told I could only progress this through my broadband account (still with me? Concentrate - it's about to get complicated!)

After much hastle and to-ing and fro-ing, since at this stage I did not even know I had a separate BB account, I finally managed to log in and make my enquiry.

I received a response that the mobile number I had quoted was not an O2 number (it was and it is, and it has been ever since the days of Cellnet) but they had now linked to my other O2 number (my wife's phone).

Twenty minutes later I received an e-mail telling my that had removed my number (the one they didn't recognize) from the link to my bb, and substituted my wife's number instead.

I asked them why.

I have now received a response that they can "update" my number, the one they don't recognize, but this cannot be done over the internet, and I must use the telephone.

Since they changed it in the first place without any request or authorisation or phone call from me I told them they can jolly well change it back!

And there it rests at the moment. My latest bill still shows me being charged at the higher rate.

OFCOM here I come!

  Confab 11:11 18 Feb 2010

I have a mobile phone contract and internet connection with O2. I’ve had the internet connection with them since January 2008.

I have contacted their customer services department several times by telephone and have found them to be very courteous and helpful each time I have phoned.

Why not just give them a call to explain the issues that you have? I’m sure that they will do their best to resolve your problem. Their number is a freefone number so the call will cost you nothing.

click here

  morddwyd 19:41 18 Feb 2010

Thanks for your response.

Two reasons -

1 I cannot get a mobile phone signal at home!

2 If it was a mobile phone problem I would expect to solve it by phone. Since it is a Broadband problem I expect to solve it using the company broadband complaints procedure.

As far as them being helpful is concerned, I have another minor ongoing problem with them.

My O2 mobile phone is a touch screen, less than nine months old.

I have lost the stylus. On trying to purchase another one I am told they're not available as spares, and the best they can suggest is buy another (£100+) phone!

Yeah1 Really helpful.

  Al94 22:47 18 Feb 2010

What sort of phone is it?

  morddwyd 08:55 19 Feb 2010

Xda Zest.

All the styluses quoted in searches as "suitable" turn out to be lanyard or clip on types rather than ones that actually fit in the so called silo, the actual stylus stowage.

  Confab 10:29 19 Feb 2010


Sometimes in order to get help you need to help yourself first.

“I cannot get a mobile phone signal at home!” – You don’t have to call them on your mobile phone. A landline will do. I know that they have some sort of registration process where they send you a text and you read back the number received but they can get around this if you’d only speak with them. Sometimes it’s far easier explaining a problem over the phone than by e-mail. I had a very similar problem with my O2 phone number and yes, they temporarily used my wife’s mobile number instead of mine. Once they realised that my mobile number was an O2 number then my account was updated and I received a refund for my broadband for the period that I was charged at their non O2 rate.

If you have lost your stylus and a replacement is not available as spares then that’s hardly O2.s fault. Have you tried e-bay perhaps or here click here

I hope that you get you problem resolved soon.


  morddwyd 10:54 19 Feb 2010

"You don’t have to call them on your mobile phone."

Why should I have to call them at all?

I sent them an e-mail, why can't they respond the same way?

"that’s hardly O2.s fault."

But it's labelled as O2 Xda, and was bought (full retail) in an O2 shop.

Regardless of badge engineering that makes it an O2 product, and they have normal manufacturing and retail responsibilities, like making consumer spares available during the life of the product, and normally for at least twelve months after the end of production.

"Have you tried e-bay perhaps or here"

You obviously missed my 08.55 post.

All searches, including E-bay, your link, and around twenty sites via a Google whole web search, only come up with generic lanyard or clip on types, none that actually fit the stowage.

This has been going on for a few weeks now, and for this minor event I have telephoned, and visited the shop (who actually told me to use the O2 website!).

A visit to the O2 forums will find many plaintive pleas (worldwide) for "Anybody know where I can source a replacement stylus for my Zest", so I am not alone.

  morddwyd 17:23 02 Mar 2010

Update - the current position.

I have finally managed to discuss this with someone.

The end result is that they admit they have been overcharging me for six months, but will not refund the overcharge as it is my own fault for not checking my bill more carefully.

Well, yes, but I did think I was dealing with a reputable and trustworthy company. Ofcom it is then.

On the stylus front no progress at all. They are simply not available as consumer spares.

I am now going to take it back to the shop and simply ask them to repair it, as with any other consumer device.

If they cannot do so, by supplying a new stylus, then I will ask them to certify beyond economic repair and claim on my household accidental damage (which covers loss) policy.

I suspect the insurance sector will be able to bring much more presuure to bear on O2 than I can.

  Ford Prefect 01 17:32 02 Mar 2010

PM, me I had some fun and games with O2 earlier this year.

  wiz-king 18:53 02 Mar 2010

For a stylus raid the wifes stock of knitting needles - or ask at a haberdashers but take the pnone ith you to check the fit (diameter not lenght!)

  morddwyd 19:27 02 Mar 2010

No problem finding something to use as a stylus.

I would just like the one made for the job, and the stowage, the so-called silo.

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