O2 - buying a contract with PAYG sim

  je-haz 21:57 16 Oct 2009


I am looking to buy a palm pre this weekend.

I currently have a PAYG phone, and recently put £15 of credit on there, but I need to keep my phone number on the new phone.

Do you know what they will happen to my credit in this case? Do you think they might refund it?


  mr simon 23:35 16 Oct 2009

You will lose it, there are no two ways about this.

  je-haz 23:39 16 Oct 2009


that doesnt seem like good customer service. especially if im taking out a 2 yr contract on a premium phone!

  tullie 07:13 17 Oct 2009

Cant you se your PAYG until the credits used up?Why would you buy the credit then change phones anyway.

  morddwyd 07:37 17 Oct 2009

Not sure if it's the same situation, but when I changed phones recently they simply swapped the sim into the new phone and everything moved with it.

  je-haz 12:24 17 Oct 2009

it was a couple of weeks ago and i just havent been able to make as many calls as id antipated. oh well not to worry. i will just have to use it up before i take out a new phone if they cant do anything about it. thanks

  walesrob 12:25 17 Oct 2009

This week, I moved from o2 PAYG to a o2 contract, and I still had £9 credit, but this was transferred to the contract and it appears as a credit on my next bill. ( I chose the online 9.79 tariff, so that next bill should be very small!)

If your moving from o2 to another provider (i.e. o2 to Vodafone), you would lose unused credit.

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