O2 broadband.

  LastChip 14:31 14 Dec 2008

After some research, now being totally cheesed off with Pipex (Tiscali), I'm looking to change to O2.

click here for a thread where the thread instigator seems pleased with O2, but my question is: some three months on, are they still as good and can anyone else comment (good or bad) on their service?

Certainly, I've just telephoned their help line, as I don't fit a typical customer profile, asking about using my existing router and Linux as a connection medium, and while I understand they can't support me (no problem), I was *very* impressed with the response I got. They offered all the technical information I needed without any fuss whatsoever; impressive! And the call (unlike Tiscali) was free.

I'm getting good vibes; now someone tell me I'm wrong?

  spuds 14:42 14 Dec 2008

Looking at recent and past reviews, 02 seems as though its one company that as got its act together, in providing a very good customer orientated service.

But will it always be like this, when customer base and service capacity reaches excess!.

Tiscali is my provider, and I find the service acceptable and convenient. But on a number of occasions I have thought "Better the devil you know, than the devil you don't", when pastures new have beckoned.

  Pepper9 14:46 14 Dec 2008

I have been with O2 for a couple of weeks after changing over from Tesco. My speed has increased x10 at a much less cost, and the guys at the end of the phone have always been very helpful. So far so good..........

  exdragon 17:13 14 Dec 2008

Been with them since July - no problems at all. Also, my other half changed his Vodafone mobile for an o2 one, rang them yesterday to let them know and his bb will be reduced by £5 a month from January.

  CurlyWhirly 18:52 15 Dec 2008

Been with O2 for 4 months and no problems at all.

I have a long line but still get a faster upsteam speed of 1150 compared to 448 Kb on Max and have also gained around 512 Kb on downstream as well.

The customer service is UK based as well so no annoying foreign call centres!

My ping times are also reduced from an average of 35ms on Max to 25ms on O2.

  donki 09:33 16 Dec 2008

Someone read my mind :), I have Pipex myself but have been waiting for 02 to become available in my region which it just has. Going to try and get it sorted in the new year.

Just wondering if someone can tell me the best way to migrate with as little disruption as possible. Do i just phone Pipex and request a MAC code and provide it to O2?

  Pine Man 09:38 16 Dec 2008

Been with them for about 9 months.

I am on the 8MB/1.3MB package and always download at 7MB and upload at 1.1MB. Never had any outages.

I have dealt with their (free) customer services a few times and the phone is answered quickly by a person you can understand based in the UK who knows what they are talking about.

The last time I spoke to O2 was because the power supply on my router packed up. A whole new package including new router was sent the same day along with a paid for return envelope for the old package.

Just after I first joined O2 BT messed up at the exchange and it took them 9 days to try and fix the problem. In the meantime, because I couldn't use BB I was given a credit by O2 who, in actual fact, arranged for one of their engineers to go to the exchange and fix the problem!

  CurlyWhirly 09:48 16 Dec 2008

"Just wondering if someone can tell me the best way to migrate with as little disruption as possible. Do i just phone Pipex and request a MAC code and provide it to O2?"
Yes just ask Pipex for a MAC but bare in mind that they have a reputation for not giving MAC codes which OFCOM are monitoring - click here

  Pine Man 09:48 16 Dec 2008

When I joined O2 I filled in their online form but left the MAC empty.

I then asked my ISP for a MAC and as soon as it arrived I forwarded it to O2

O2 then kept me updated on all aspects of progress by email and text.

After I had joined O2 I changed my mobile to O2 PAYG and got a £5 per month reduction in my charges for BB. I buy my top ups for the phone straight from O2 and get 10% 'reward' on the total spent every three months.

With the reduction in VAT my BB charges are now £7.34 for the 8MB/1.3MB package.

  LastChip 17:15 16 Dec 2008

I'm in the process of getting a MAC number now via email, as I refuse to pay these outrageous 10p a minute charges for the "privilege" of speaking to them.

I'll come back and let you know the result.

  jaraba 17:51 16 Dec 2008

If you have your mobile with o2 you get bb for £7.50 a month. 8mb service I think.
Check on the one of the broadband speed checking sites to see what speed you get at your address.
No point in paying for a 24mb service when you cna only get 4mb max from your exchange.

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