O2 Broad band help line

  fullyfitted 20:26 22 Sep 2008

I transferred to O2 broadband earlier this year and I must congratulate the Help Line Staff for their patience and good humour in dealing with someone like me who can be a bit short tempered when trying to handle the frustrations caused by ignorance of a new subject.
Although the initial installation went through without any major problems, (I have a tower system connected to the Router by Ethernet cable and a laptop on a network) about a month ago I started to lose connectivity on the laptop, I was talked through a multitude of checks which only had limited success and finally they changed the router, end of problem.
Last week I found the speed of the laptop was dropping from about 4000kbps to under 500kbps,this always happened late afternoon and continued until about nine or ten at night then it would zoom up again.
Ok it was a simple solution if you know about these things, the lady at O2 changed the channel and the problem was solved. She also talked me through how to change it myself but stressed I was welcome to ring them if I came unstuck.
Sorry to rabbit on but it was so refreshing to get constructive help (F O C) these day I felt like telling someone

  ukhomegirl 12:50 27 Sep 2008

I am now thinking of going with o2 well anything is better then my ISP I have now AOL. If I ever get my MAC CODE from them. Anyway o2 seem very gud (unless anyone tells me diffrent).


  CurlyWhirly 21:17 28 Sep 2008

O2 is excellent with UK customer service (like my old ISP - Zen) and you can't complain at the low price and faster speed of ADSL2+

Go for it I say ;)

  acfc 07:34 29 Sep 2008

I moved to O2 from Zen about 4 weeks ago and concur with CurlyWhirly.

I was delighted with the excellent service and consistant speed from Zen, however the draw of up to 20Meg for less cost was too much.

Zen were excellent and provided a MAC code immediately while O2 constantly communicated progress of the move via text & email.

The move happended the day stated and my broadband was only down for about an hour. I was getting about the 16Meg I expected given the distance from the exchange but O2 actually contacted me to ask if I wanted the cheaper 16meg package as I was at 16.3 and could save a fiver!

During week 2 my speed fell to 13Meg for a few days so I called their service line ~ answered immediatly and problem was solved (changed my noise margin)

Have already recommended O2 to my friends/family within an area with ADSL2

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