o2 billing problems

  Thomo1 13:56 23 Nov 2004

It has just cme to my attention that my sister (she lives away from me) has got a MAJOR problem with o2.

They have barred her number because they claim that she has not paid her bill.

She pays her bill by DIRECT DEBIT.

She has made a series of calls to customer services where she has been told that the account shows that she owes the money, but she has all the bank statements and necessary info to prove that the money HAS been taken out.

It all stems say C.S from the fact that o2 had a major systems failiure in the summer and a small minority of o2 custmers will be affected by this.

She has sent off the necessary documents to o2 showing that money has been taken but they are still refusing and claim she owes them money.

Her phone is still barred. How can she physically owe money that is taken by direct debit?? Its impossible. Its up to o2 to debit the money (which they have) and keep there files up to date.

Could somebody please help me out of where my sister stands and what actions she can do. This has now been dragging on for over 2 months, with no solution reached.


  Dizzy Bob 17:25 23 Nov 2004

Try this link. click here for many other similar stories and some contacts/ideas for remedial action.

Dizzy Bob

  beeuuem 17:47 23 Nov 2004

Perhaps her best bet is to is to contact Ofcom who should be able to offer advice if not provide help.
click here

  Dorsai 18:46 23 Nov 2004

If I were a mobile phone operator, and i started to receive numerous complaints from My customers, that a third party was using My mobile network to rip of My customers, I might block the third party from using my network.

I would do this, because i would not want My customers to leave Me, and become someone else's customers, because I was not protecting them, and they percieved My failure to act on their behalf as a sign of My complicity in the scam, even though I was not in on it.

But i am not a phone operator.

  spuds 20:57 23 Nov 2004

A similar direct debit problem with o2 click here

o2 have a complaints resolution service,that seems to work,try this telephone number 0113 388 6159

  spuds 21:05 23 Nov 2004

Wrong link,try this click here

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