Nvidia or ATI Crossfire?

  bastreff 15:56 11 Dec 2006

Hi Guys,

I was hoping that someone could give me some information regarding these two types of graphics card.

I am a complete numbty (I know nothing), though I have been trying to learn. Could someone give me a no-frills, 'for a dumb Mo-Fo' description of the relative merits of these two card types?

With advanced thanks

  Kate B 16:23 11 Dec 2006

Crossfire is ATI's take on the two-card set-up to boost graphics performance. Nvidia is a manufacturer/designer of chipsets, as is ATI, which has recently been bought by processor manufacturer AMD. Nvidia also has an iteration of dual-card set-ups called SLI. I don't think there's a great deal to choose between the two different chipsets but I'm sure enthusiasts will wander along with views on that. For the record, I have an SLI set-up which is great for gaming.

  wjrt 16:31 11 Dec 2006
  Totally-braindead 17:55 11 Dec 2006

Kate B has summed it up nicely I think.
In order to use either SLI or Crossfire your computer must be capable of using the 2 cards at the same time. And the 2 cards must be identical. If a motherboard is either Crossfire or SLI capable it is only able to use one of them. By this I mean a motherboard may be SLI capable which would mean it could use 2 Nvidia cards setup in SLI mode but it couldn't do the same with 2 ATI cards. Same with Crossfire, you can use 2 ATI cards on a Crossfire motherboard but cannot use 2 Nvidia cards.
Sorry if I'm stating the obvious or making things more complicated.

  bastreff 08:16 12 Dec 2006

Thanks Guys, so these two are basically different versions of the same thing. Manufactured by different companies but providing the same service. Is this correct?

So which manufacturer is best?

  Kate B 11:29 12 Dec 2006

Same idea, different chipsets and slightly different ways of doing it, same result.

  Totally-braindead 18:06 12 Dec 2006

Agree with Kate B again, in the tests I have read theres no true winner. If you like ATI cards you look for a Crossfire motherboard if you like Nvidia cards you buy an SLI motherboard.

Have a look at this where you can compare different setups if you wish but don't get too bogged down as theres a lot of choice click here and if you look in the graphics section theres a lot more info there than you really need. Keep you reading for days or perhaps weeks if you want.

  skeletal 19:27 13 Dec 2006

Right this second there is no competition. If you want the best you have to have nVidia’s 8800 GTX or GTS.

click here

These are the only two cards that will support DirectX10. They wipe the floor with all current cards for the current DiectX9 games as well. Although expensive at £300 to £500 this would be the sort of money (or less) you would pay for the old technology SLIs and Crossfires.

Of course, graphics cards technology moves so quickly, this post will be out of date before I press "Post response"!


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