nVidia nForce 2 Ultra 400 Motherboard

  Rakesh-227404 14:34 19 Aug 2003

im thinking about building a pc, i thought i could save money by buying one of these motherboards as the sound card is built it.

I am just wondering is the graphics built in as well? and if not which nforce boards do have them built in? if any do that is.

I found this one which i am thinking about purchasing from dabs. Any good?
click here

  The Sack 17:56 19 Aug 2003

The onboard video on nForce 2 boards is only GF4 MX power, its ok as a stop gap but consider a decent card if you are in to gaming.

Try to buy one that has had the onboard audio soundstorm certified.

  D-P-R 19:01 19 Aug 2003

I am using this board click here and am very happy with it. This board does not have onboard graphics though.
Heres a ranking table from motherboards dot org with reviews on most of the boards click here

  Rakesh-227404 19:09 19 Aug 2003

thanks guys i think im gonna get a board with the nforce 2 igp chipset, i cant really afford to go out and buy a seperate graphics card and sound card and Mb at the moment. but with the igp chipset i can add a new graphics card at a latter date. thanks for the help.

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