Nvidia Geforce GTX 8800

  janeb8 19:43 23 Nov 2012

Need to replace the above but having trouble locating one apart from used ones! Can anyone recommend a replacement?

  [email protected] 20:02 28 Nov 2012

If you don't mind me asking, why do you want to replace like-for-like? The 8800GTX is a very old card (2006 from the top of my head). There are far superior cards available today that you should be able to replace it with.

  Woolwell 20:19 28 Nov 2012

Before selecting a graphics car you need to check that your PSU is up to the task for the new one.

  [email protected] 22:01 28 Nov 2012

Having re-read your post, I see I misunderstood what you said. If you're looking for a replacement then anything from a GTX 650 from the Nvidia range or a Radeon HD 7750 from the AMD range will be an improvement. What is your budget?

  carver 08:20 29 Nov 2012

You may be able to get another card that is an update on that one but it will mean buying one similar to the ones [email protected] has mentioned.

That card was a really good card for it's time and I happen to still have one as a spare, why not replace with another second hand one if they are cheep enough.

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