Nvidia 6200 128mb can run doom Ultra High Settings

  Mysticnas 00:43 25 Jan 2005

Hi all,

Just built a new pc for a mate, said he didn't want want a gaming rig, just a workstation for image/video editing, so no fancy top end £400 graphics card required.

I chose the gigabyte PCI-E 6200 128mb card. The system is 3.2Ghz Presscott P4LGA (HT enabled), 1gb DDR2 RAM PC5300, WD drives (7.2k rpm) all sat on a gigabyte board.

Now what confuses me is that i can run Doom3 on this machine with a £70 worth bottom of the series graphics card on "Ultra High" setting with all effects enabled with the game running very quickly!!! no slow downs or anything!

So what's the deal? why are all these magazines and website reviews saying you need the fastest 6800 256mb card to run games like Doom 3 and HL2 on high settings?

I'm not sure what HL2 is like, but i assume that it in the graphics stakes it is pretty much similar to doom3?

  ste_bla 12:46 25 Jan 2005

No card can run doom3 on ultra high as it requires the next generation of gfx cards with 512mb or ram

  ste_bla 12:46 25 Jan 2005

of graphics ram even

  Mysticnas 12:50 25 Jan 2005

but i've just said i ran it on ultra high settings with AA and AAF set on "application controlled".

So that's your theory out of the window?

Have you ever tried it yourself?

  gudgulf 14:18 25 Jan 2005

I have played all through Doom3 on ultra high settings (3GHz P4/ATI x800pro/1.5 GB Ram ).The deal is that ultra high settings load 512MB of uncompressed graphics data into memory so this will work best on a card with 512MB of very fast onboard RAM.Otherwise there is a lot of swapping between graphics card and system ram whish is slower and can cause slowdown or jerkiness.

Mysticnas I would be very interested to see what resolution you used and what actual frame rates you got....have you run FRAPS or the Doom3 benchmark for example?. Its looking like NVidia have got a very good range of new mid/budget price cards out at the moment (6600gt is very impressive as well).For ultra high and high I beleive that AA is not enabled but 8x AIF is switched on.

  Mysticnas 15:39 25 Jan 2005

i did the benchmark in doom3 and it came up with a list of frame rates, the lowest being 39 and the highest being 400 odd.

The current res i used was 1024x768 Ultra high settings. You can check the spec of the system in my 1st post at the top.

I'll run the bench mark again with AA and AAF turned on with a higher res and report back.

  gudgulf 16:05 25 Jan 2005

Have a look at click here which might explain things.Very impressive results though and it certainly makes pci-express look a lot more tempting for cost effective games machines.

  Mysticnas 16:40 25 Jan 2005

is it also possible it's because of the rest of the system spec? DDR2 PC5300 RAM 1Gb running in Dual Channel mode and a new LGA 800fsb Presscott core p4 running at just under 4ghz?

drives are SATA, but not in raid0.

just had some more benchmarks...

with ultra high settings:

at 1024x768 AA off i get 43.3 slowest

at 1280x1024 AAx16 i get 16.3 slowest

at 1600x1200 AAx2 i get 11.1 slowest

  Mysticnas 16:43 25 Jan 2005

i found that doing the benchmark in different places effects the score.

For instance doing it facing a very dark area with little light gives a higher score, and vice versa.

I did my benchmark facing an exploding wall with my torch on.

  gudgulf 19:28 25 Jan 2005

You will certainly get the best from the card with that system....it is still impressive though with such a,dare I say, cheap graphics card.There are advantages with the more expensive cards which show up at high resolution .I get similar figures to your 1024x768 results at 1600x1200 with 4xAA on.....but at 4 times the cost).By the way that's a fair old overclock on the processor....how are you cooling it? From what I read about Prescott's you should be able to run a small central heating system from one running at that speed,lol.Is the 6200 overclocked as well?

To answer your original question I suspect that in order to do full justice to a game only max everything will do and 11fps wont be considered playable or good enough.Very few of these cards are going to find their way into such a high octane system as your "workstation" and relatively few people will venture into overclocking in any shape or form.On any standard clocked machine you will get better results with a better graphics card....but so will you.I would love to see the difference a 6800ultra would make ;o).How does it bench at stock processor speed?.Will Doom3 still be playable?....My money is on the answer to that being yes

  Mysticnas 20:42 25 Jan 2005

yes... unfortunately... i've removed Doom3 now, as i completed it last night.

And the pc has gone through thorough enough testing now so i can hand it over to the proud new owner.

He did want a better card, but budget said otherwise.

He'll consider a graphics upgrade maybe sometime in the next 6months. We did talk about (or rather fantasise about) a Leadtek 6800Ultra, but he can't afford it and it's not even being shipped yet.

I did overclock it using the supplied utility (some gigabyte software) but didn't have much of an impact and started to show signs of weakness when i rendered one of my 3D scenes on it so i clocked it back to default.

The CPU on the other hand is a LGA775 (or is it 755?) Presscott P4 with a STOCK fan believe it or not! lol. I was fairly suprised with the overclock!

Mind you, the stock fan seems pretty worthy, i'd even compare it to decent branded makes, a cicular ALU sink with a copper core and a giant fan on top.

I should probably clock it back down before i hand it over though. I like to max out my pc's during testing just to make sure they ain't going to collapse when the user goes crazy!

I accidentally pressed select all and double clicked the fonts folder contents and it began opening up all of the 200 or so fonts installed, until it stopped because of lack of memory! spent the next 30mins closing how ever many font windows it'd opened!!!


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