ntltelewest broadband - good or bad or indifferent

  roger 16:41 30 Jan 2009

I am about to change my ISP. I am currently supposed to have "upto" 8mbps but am only getting 1.5mbs - if I am lucky!

I am hooked up to Virgin Media cable for TV so it seems to makes sense to use that for my broadband connection. Although more expensive than the Virgin Media broadband bundle support is meant to be far superior on a 24/7 basis, upload speeds are stated as being over 1mbs and on the 20mbps tariff I am told I should get circa 17mbps download speeds.

Does anyone have any thoughts or comments or recommendations on this.

All responses will be much appreciated.



  wiz-king 17:01 30 Jan 2009

I have been on Virgin cable (ntl) for years and I am on the 10mb service, most times of the day or night I get 9.8mb+, I have allways been pleased with its working.

  birdface 17:02 30 Jan 2009

Support is Ok as long as it is from the Uk.Unfortunately there is a lot of Foreign Support and although very helpful is hard to understand at times.But no different from any other ISP.I cannot say anything bad about their support as it is getting better every year and I would say yes go for it.
You will get the odd ones that will run it down because of the odd problem that they cannot fix or the problem might be on the computer itself.But once again no different from any other provider.They are the only ISP that I have used [almost 6 years now]and I am quite happy with them.Ive only had a couple of minor problems in that time which were sorted within 3 or 4 days.Make sure that you get it at the right price.As they do deals for new customers.Just tell them that you want the same deal.

  gazzaho 11:51 31 Jan 2009

I agree with all said above, I had the 4Mb service which was upgraded to 10Mb in the summer of last year and I also connect reliably at close to the 10Mb limit. Virgin throttle their customers at peak times if you go over the limit and this could account for a lot of complaints of slow connections. The Traffic Management guidelines can be read here click here

  bremner 12:18 31 Jan 2009

The Virgin 20Mb service is very reliable both in terms of speed and reliability.

If you have their phone and TV package already you should be able to negotiate a very good 'all in' price with them should you also go for the BB.

  roger 14:01 31 Jan 2009

Thanks all for your feedback. Very helpful and very much appreciated.

In the light of your comments and further discussions with the tech team at VM I have decided to go with the resi package on the basis that if in the unlikely event that it is not what I want, I have a 30 day "cooling down period" during which I can terminate the contract if I wish.

All the best.


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