ntl:Freedom to change my IE Security options

  pauldove 00:01 10 May 2003

Yesterday NTL emailed and said "It is vital that you download the new Internet Connection Kit to allow you to continue benefiting from this service". So I downloaded and installed the new dialler. Things seemed slow today, then I noticed that my modem had been set to a maximum speed of 9.6 Kbps! Changed it back to 115 Kbps then checked on click here to see if there was a help page or any discussion forum about the new service, and was gobsmacked when IE said that the site was a "trusted" zone. Went into the options and changed it back, set the trusted zone security level to "high", and put click here into the "restricted" zone. Disconnect and redial, and ntlworld is "trusted" again!!! And the security level is "custom"!!! Are they allowed to do this? There's nothing in the terms and conditions click here

  H-J 00:52 10 May 2003

Take note of your username, password and dial up phone number, then get rid of your ntl dialler program (I think it's called gearbox, or some similar silly name). then simply set up a new dial up account to ntl manually. (make sure the old one is completely gone. check add/remove progs and also startup in msconfig). I think the idea behind it was to make it self repairing. when I had it, the damn thing was always over-riding the settings for my anti-virus protection on my main email account. it was a long time before I twigged, and only after my system was infected.


  pauldove 01:09 10 May 2003

This isn't gearbox. That was the original ntlworld dialler years ago and I did then exactly what you've suggested. The number that this new dialler uses, and the previous number, are listed in one of its data files. So I've copied the new and old numbers, as primary and alternate, into a standard ms dial-up and scrapped the ntlfreedom dialler.

  albert108 19:47 10 May 2003

I was hoping there would be a discussion on this message from NTL. I have been suspicious of ntl software since the gearbox program. i am putting off downloading this program as long as possible.

  doorman 18:31 11 May 2003

I downloaded the Ntl.freedom software and had loads of problems, when I tried to change IE settings so that I could also use other ISP's, IE froze. The software WILL NOT let you make changes.

I tried to remove the Ntl.freedom software in add/remove programmes, but this did not cure the problems it had created, had to do a system restore to get rid of it all.

I am hoping that by adding 1470 in front of the usual Ntl dial-up number, this will suffice. If Ntl insist that this software has to be installed, I will close the account and use another ISP.

I would advise anyone who receives this email from Ntl.freedom to NOT download the software, but wait to see if there are ways around it.

  albert108 21:36 11 May 2003

Thanks for the warning, I was expecting something like this.

  bengo 18:02 16 May 2003

Thank you for raising this subject, I received the same e mail and was wondering what to do about it. I had intended to download it tomorrow so I think I will now hold off and see what happens.

  bengo 18:53 16 May 2003

also meant say in previous post, there are three of us that work in the same office that are using NTL at home. I am the only one that has received the emails, do you think this is some sort of large scale test ??? If nobody complains, will it be introduced to all users ???

  bengo 19:08 22 May 2003


  albert108 12:35 26 May 2003

I have recieved 3 emails from NTL tellling me to download the dialler.Does any one know if there is a work around which can be done manually ? Doorman suggests adding 1470 to the dial up number. Has anyone tried this yet ?

  doorman 22:12 26 May 2003

I'm not going to change anything while my current settings still work OK.

I did put 1470 infront of the dialup number to see if it connected, and it did, I then took it out again. Whether this will suffice when NTL decide to force the change, I don't know, will wait to see what happens.

In the meantime I suggest you don't change anything !

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