ntl - when is a price rise not a price rise?

  v1asco 17:06 01 Jul 2004

NTL cheekily upgraded my tv package without my consent, then even more cheekily offerred new package at £3pm less for first three months. Is this legal?
Their exolanation was as re-structured basic package did not include certain channels then they thought I would like to pay more for them.
They point out that the basic package is still the same price, held for 4 years. So this is a good deal.

My question:- if I am getting less for the same price, isn't this a price rise? Sort of like saying eggs are still £1 but for 5, if u want six it'll be £1.20.

I did ask them but got a nonsensical reply, however I am keeping basic pack as less channels to fight over!!Maybe they did me a favour?!?

  Tim1964 00:19 02 Jul 2004

Do what we did, go over to Sky instead. We got fed up with the onscreen guide only showing the next program due to start (therefore we couldn't set it to record in advance !!). Also the picture dropping out and the fact that, for the same price we have about 30 more channels. I'm only with NTL for the BB now as the price was once the best value but with ADSL services offering 1MB speeds for £25/month it may be time to 'bite the bullet'.

Of course the BB speeds WILL be increasing for 'free' but I guess NTL or waiting for hell to freeze over first.

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