NTL Upgrades

  Matt45 10:31 08 Apr 2005

I've just been reading about the upgrades NTL are making to existing customers Broadband packages - in particular 750Kbp/s subscribers. They are upgrading them to 2Mbp/s - they say automatically but I haven't been upgraded yet. Does anyone know when these "automatic" upgrades are taking place and would I get anywhere if I phone them?

  Bleep 10:49 08 Apr 2005

I got upgraded on March 07th to 2MB and then they charged my for:

1 Month 750K £24.99

1 Month 2MB Service (Month In Advance)£24.99

1/2 For 7th March to 26th March £16.99

And to top the lot i'm now arguing with them as it seems as I've just started a new 1 year contract!!! not just an upgrade!!

Apart from that the extra speed is great call them. Just check your bill.

  Matt45 12:41 08 Apr 2005

Phoned NTL and 5 minutes later I was surfing the internet with a 2Mbp/s Internet Connection. Great!

  SEASHANTY 17:20 08 Apr 2005

Speed test towards the bottom of this page.
click here
Click on the red link towards the bottom of the page.

  kp 22:34 08 Apr 2005

Upgraded tonight from 750k to 2Mb and very pleased but just read this thread. I was not informed when I called that I was in any way bound to another year with NTL. This is not a problem as I am happy with the service and have no intention to change but it is worrying for those who might be considering moving house to an area that is not NTL cabled etc. and find they have to pay a penalty. Is this correct that you are tied to the contract for a further 12 months when you upgrade? If so, NTL should make this clear at the time.


  bfoc 18:54 10 Apr 2005

Got my 2mb upgrade - I had to wait weeks for them to swap my set-top box which could only handle 1mb.

I was a bit annoyed over the swap. I arranged an appt for between 8am & 12, but the engineer only arrived at 12:20, apologising for being early! By then I was out and only my daughter was in. When the engineer left the box was not activated. It became 'active'later that afternoon but without any broadband or all the channels we should have. I had to make four seperate phone calls to sort it out.

When I pointed out that since none of the services I subscribed to had been transferred I was being treated as a new customer and new customers get their BB free for a month I was told, clearly, that I was not a new customer.

At no point in this prolonged process has it even been suggested that I would be re-starting my contract for another 12 months and I believe that if this was the case NTL would have to make it clear. I was told they were upgrading me to 2mb for free!

  SEASHANTY 20:04 11 Apr 2005

Just for info. I asked the NTL rep in the town shopping centre this afternoon if my upgrade from 750 to 2M had resulted in a new contract. She said
"Definitely not".

  [email protected] 20:49 11 Apr 2005

Does anyone know whether or not Blueyonder have any intentions of doing the same? NTL and Blueyonder usually keep up with each other...

  Danoh 22:54 11 Apr 2005

Did those who got their upgrade, call to ask for it? I thought that all services were uncapped until I went onto the NTL site. Looks like the upgrades now comes with a cap on capacity (3Gb/mth for 750Kb/1Mb and 1Gb/day for 1.5/2/3Mb)

  Daz35 01:25 12 Apr 2005

The same thing happened to me, so you're not alone. I asked the customer service dept to make sure it was correct for next month, but they said they couldn't 'guarantee' it!!

I also wasn't told of any new contract or any capping either.

Maybe they should get their staff a bit more informed.....

  Talented Monkey 10:58 12 Apr 2005

i simply went to the ntlworld.com slected the upgrade your speed option under Broadband drop down menu. gave an option to upgrade from the 750mpbs to 2kbps, my modem reset and within 10 seconds i was now running at highter speed. super efficent.

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