NTL Networking to share broadband

  Chris..b 19:05 13 Mar 2003

I need help quick...Ive just brought th actiontec wireless cable router kit designed for ntl.

It got all the equipment i need but i cannot get it to work.

The main computer runs on 98se and the laptop is on XP. The 98 computer already has ntl broadband connected via USB....but when i tried to configure and install the router the connection stops working.

It would be great it any one who has brought this kit could help me with a complete set up guide

  Chris..b 19:12 13 Mar 2003


  medicine hat 15:20 14 Mar 2003

Did it come with a decent manual?

  A15 15:38 14 Mar 2003

I don't know if a USB connection works the same way, but when I installed my broadband router (wired system) I had to go into the setup menu of the device & ask it to clone the mac address of my internal NIC. Otherwise my connection would not work either. failing that, even if your connection appears to not work, you should be able to direct your browser to the NTL logon/registration page, from there delete your existing connection & re-register with your router.

  Chris..b 18:03 14 Mar 2003

thanks A15......i finally got the bloody thing working.

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