NTL "Go Faster"

  pj123 15:34 16 Jan 2005

I am currently on NTL BB via a set top box at 750k

Logging on to the NTL site I see it says "go faster" with an option to either "upgrade your cable modem" or "upgrade your set-top box".

I click on set top box and what do I get?

"Online upgrade is not currently available for customers with a set-top box."

So what is the point of offering the option on their website if it is not available?

  Graham ® 16:58 16 Jan 2005

They're stark raving bonkers? :-)

'What is the point' is a favourite Basil Fawlty line.

  JYPX 18:35 16 Jan 2005

pj123 - I am sure you already know this (?) but NTL are about to launch a huge upgrade offer to all of us click here . There has been at least one previous post about this. Maybe thats why the old offer is not available?

  spuds 19:27 16 Jan 2005

Bit like Tiscali, making new offers that are not available, as yet!.

  pj123 11:34 17 Jan 2005

JYPX, have read through that twice. Looks like they are three New Services for which we would have to apply for (with a one-off £25 charge). I didn't see anything about Set Top boxes though. So I assume that the modems fitted in the Set Top boxes are not capable of handling those speeds?

  carolyne 13:13 17 Jan 2005

hmmm im with NTL broadband atm. i have there £24.99 package 800/128 after a recent free speed upgrade from 600/128. ive always been very happy with it but after i read the post by JYPX i noticed the new packages have a monthly usage allowance . i was never aware of this or is this new?. i have downloaded more than 5gb in 1 month and atm never noticed a limit.

  pj123 13:29 17 Jan 2005

carolyne, yes you're right there are usage limits, but 30gb is quite high (as opposed to other ISPs usage).

If you stay with what you have now though it is still unlimited. I think I will stay where I am at the moment or at least until they sort out the Set Top box bit.

  pj123 13:37 17 Jan 2005

I just checked out the NTL site and can see nothing about these new packages, so where did chetnet get this information from?

  wallbash 14:05 17 Jan 2005

Have always found chetnet 100% reliable, take their news as 'gospel'.

  carolyne 14:29 17 Jan 2005

pj123 i found many forums discussing this and ur right. if i stop where i am i get unlimited access, but on the other hand 30gb is really enough for most people and is at a great price too. i found the package info here :click here

  pj123 14:44 17 Jan 2005

wallbash, I am taking their news as gospel but I would have thought that NTL would have put it out first?

carolyne, thanks for that link but still nothing from NTL themselves? and nothing about set top boxes. I don't really want to disconnect everything I have now and then re-install it all again on an external modem.

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