Ntl Freedom? or stick with AOL?

  [DELETED] 00:17 09 Oct 2003

I use AOL currently and have had no problems at all with them. However am now considering Ntl at 14.99 a month, 24/7 and 15.00 worth of free calls (am with BT fone line)
Any advice on the best ISP?? Or better the devil i know!!
Broadband not available in my area.

  Forum Editor 01:16 09 Oct 2003

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

It sounds as if you're happy with AOL, and provided there's no compelling financial reason for a change, why risk spoiling a good thing?

  [DELETED] 18:28 09 Oct 2003

If you'll get £15 worth of calls doesn't that equate to 'free' internet access?, assuming that you will run up £15 worth of calls a month (not that hard I know)

Are you in a cabled area? As for £17.99 you can have always-on 150K...with NTL

  [DELETED] 23:39 09 Oct 2003

Yes it equates to free internet, basically. Just wasnt sure what NTL were like and wonderered if anybody else was using them?! Current BT fone bills are horrendous... mainly due to calls to mobiles, so any advice would be useful??!!
Cable and broadband not available here.

  [DELETED] 12:57 10 Oct 2003

someone here in Leeds told me they had difficulty getting on line once or twice with NTL, or it wa very slow (BB)

  [DELETED] 14:23 10 Oct 2003

Are you sure you get the £15 each month, or is it a one off when you first sign up (as an enticer). It doesn't make sense for them to give you this each month.

  [DELETED] 17:59 10 Oct 2003

Don't forget that the £15 of calls will NOT include mobiles, international, non geographical (0845 etc) and internet calls.

When I was on NTL dialup many moons ago it actually was FREE, for about a year anyway, then £5 and eventually £10, so I then jumped onto the 128k service for the extra fiver.

The customer service is difficult to contact, unless you have a speaker phone and can stay on hold for 30mins :-)

Another opion seems to be that the ISPs are reducing investment/backup for the dialup services to 'encourage' users to switch to BB.

  [DELETED] 18:00 10 Oct 2003

That's 'opinion' but my PC must have run out of letters.

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