NTL Freedom - Broadband on BT line from 1st July

  georgemac 11:01 17 May 2004

I sent an email to NTL customer services this morning regarding NTL Broadband on a BT line, as I am currently with NTL freedom dial up on a BT phone line, £15 per month minimum spend on phone calls give free 24/7 dial up access. I have been very pleased with the service, but know there are problems when you want to cancel, and our exchange will be broadband enabled on 14/7/04.

I got a reply within 2 hours "NTL Freedom will be launching broadband through a BT line on 1st JUly 2004. I have arranged to send you the details of this package in the post."

So I look forward to seeing how it is going to work, similar to dial up but with a larger minimum spend I imagine. Will post the details when I get them, but I'll be away again tomorrow for 2 weeks so it won't be until I get home.

Don't why the details if available are not on the website, or not available for email? I also asked for the address to write to if I have to cancel my account if I move to another BB provider - never got that details though!

  georgemac 16:34 01 Jul 2004

click here(qwwluhfowimjhzn44j5t24zz)/defaultv2.aspx?scid=olr freedom packages - dial-up and broadband

click here(qwwluhfowimjhzn44j5t24zz)/broadband_v2.aspx ntl freedom broadband sign up page, tried to sign up but as our exchange is not yet enabled cannot. Will just have to wait, 14 days until broadband, but unfortunately I will be away at work. Hopefully I can order it so I am ready to connect on the day I get home. My wirelss modem/router
is sitting on the desk waiting to get plugged in.

  georgemac 11:45 06 Jul 2004

I emailed them again asking about ordering NTL Freedom Broadband for 1/08/04. Our exchange is getting enabled on 14/07/04 and other providers are willing to take pre-orders. NTL's reply

"Thank you for your email that was sent. We are unable to give you a set date of when broadband will be available in your area. One option I can provide is to sign up to a broadband provider where it isn't a years contract."

As NTL have never responed to my emails or letters stating that I wish to cancel my current dial up arrangement at the end of July, I will have to call them to ensure they will do this. I do not want to end up continuing to pay for something I will not be using.

Now considering using pipex, as I am away 2 weeks out of 4 may try the 5 times faster unlimited at £17.99 per month, and convince all my families and friends to switch to Talk Talk for free calls!

  georgemac 12:22 06 Jul 2004

and giving the past experience of some forum members think I will find it very hard to cancel my exisiting service - would be grateful for any comments on where I stand - my reply below.

"Dear Sir/Madam

Although my telephone exchange will be enabled for broadband by BT on 14/07/04, it would appear that NTL cannot provide me with NTL freedom broadband as requested on 01/08/04. Can you please then confirm to me that my NTL dial upaccess account, number xxxxxx, will be cancelled as from 31/07/04 and that I will incur no further charges from this date, and NTL will not bill my credit card for services after this date.

Please note that I sent an email to customer services on 06/06/04 stating that I wished to cancel my service on 31/07/04 if the Freedom Broadband service could not be provided. I had a reply stating my name would be added to the database and I would be sent information as soon as you received it, but no confirmation that my account would be cancelled from 31/07/04.

I also sent this is writing to

NTL Freedom
Online House
The Avenue
Cleppa Park
NP10 8UG

on the same date.

Once again, please confirm to me that my NTL Freedom Dial-UP service will be cancelled on 31/07/04.


  harps1h 12:58 06 Jul 2004

having known someone inside ntl it would appear that this an unofficial line they follow in the hope you just give up and continue with them

  georgemac 13:05 06 Jul 2004

saying they would cancel my account on the 31st of August, have sent an email right back asking they cancel it on July 31st as I requested on the 6th June - only one months notice is required to cancel - I think!

  **7^> 13:48 06 Jul 2004

One month is correct.

  georgemac 16:28 06 Jul 2004

yes I looked it up - one whole month, but cannot be done pro rata - i.e. they will be saying that as I have not cancelled until 06/07 I have to stay contracted until 31/08

now I reckon I gave them notice on 06/06, both by email and snail mail so I should finish my contract on 31/7

and they hope I will come back as a customer after leading me on about Freedom broadband being available from July 1st and advising me to take out a monthly sub with someone else until they are ready to provide the service?

I have all the conditions they require or ever told me I would need - a BT line and an exchange which will be broadband enabled on 14/7

am I being unreasonable?

  georgemac 11:31 09 Jul 2004

NTL offered to cancel from August 5th saying this is one month from when I gave them notice.

Have lodged an official complaint with NTL as I gave notice to quit on 6th June - awaiting the outcome.

As to NTL Freedom Broadband which was to be available on July 1st, I cannot find anyone who has been able to connect to it. Have asked another broadband campaigner, who has emailed NTL head of online sales but no responce from there either!

  georgemac 12:49 09 Jul 2004

got a message on my answering machine - they have arranged cancellation from July 31st - no email or written confirmation. Will wait now and see what happens.

  georgemac 15:09 11 Jul 2004

Information I got from a broadband campaigner.

Apparently NTL use DataStream to provide their ADSL services - not IPStream like most providers. Therefore, they have to wait for their suppliers (who could be either Bulldog, Tiscali or Telefonica) to get a DataStream connection in that exchange.

To be honest, that won't be any time soon in a new exchange - unless there is huge demand for NTL based connections.

So looks like even if your exchange becomes enabled your provider choice will be limited - wish NTL had made this clear.

Now looking to use pipex, wanadoo or freedom to surf, and will mark the thread resolved. Just hope NTL do not bill me after the 31st July, but given that they have only confirmed this to me by voice message, I am not confident. Time will tell.

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