NTL Freedom - Broadband on BT line from 1st July

  georgemac 11:01 17 May 2004

I sent an email to NTL customer services this morning regarding NTL Broadband on a BT line, as I am currently with NTL freedom dial up on a BT phone line, £15 per month minimum spend on phone calls give free 24/7 dial up access. I have been very pleased with the service, but know there are problems when you want to cancel, and our exchange will be broadband enabled on 14/7/04.

I got a reply within 2 hours "NTL Freedom will be launching broadband through a BT line on 1st JUly 2004. I have arranged to send you the details of this package in the post."

So I look forward to seeing how it is going to work, similar to dial up but with a larger minimum spend I imagine. Will post the details when I get them, but I'll be away again tomorrow for 2 weeks so it won't be until I get home.

Don't why the details if available are not on the website, or not available for email? I also asked for the address to write to if I have to cancel my account if I move to another BB provider - never got that details though!

  TBH1 12:02 17 May 2004

this certainly an easier option than cancelling - - -I can supply you with the address to cancel if you wish .

  georgemac 12:21 17 May 2004

yes please do just in case I have to cancel. It may help others. Address I already have is from a letter dated 30/03/04 is

NTL Freedom
Online House
The Avenue
Cleppa Park
NP10 8UG
Tel 0800 479 8686
Fax 01633 670 100

is this the one you have?

I am hoping to stay with NTL for broadband but this will very much depend on the packages on offer. The dial up package has been fantastic value.

  TBH1 14:17 17 May 2004

the address I used, and they did get it even though they didn't reply is below. If you do cancel, make sure you print your first bill, from this you will find if you pay in advance or not - - and time it well before the 30 day notice period.

Customer Liaison


Bartley Wood Business Park

Bartley Way


RG27 9UP

  georgemac 08:28 05 Jun 2004

but an article in the register "NTL is to launch two new ADSL products later this Summer, both of which are bundled with a phone service from the cableco. Documents seen by The Register confirm that the cable company is to move beyond its cable network to provide ADSL broadband to punters outside its franchise areas.

Its "ntl:freedom broadband" service will cost £27.99 a month for a 512k service and comes with 15 email accounts and 55MB of Web space. The package is wrapped up with NTL's "off-net" 321 phone tariff, whereby local and national calls cost 3p minute during the day, 2p a minute in the evenings and 1p a minute during weekends.

NTL is also to offer a "Broadband International" package for £29.99 a month. The package is the same as NTL's "Broadband" offer except that it includes the cableco's "International Call Plan" aimed at punters who make calls overseas.

In both cases, NTL is offering - to start off with at least - free connection and modem. The services are reportedly due to go live on 1 July and expand NTL's current "freedom" product range, which includes bundled dial-up Net access and telephony to punters outside NTL's cabled areas"

looks good but need to find out exactly how the package is tied up with the phone deal, if it is the same as dialup where the minimum spend on calls of £15 for free 24/7 access, I will be signing up. £28 spend on phone calls = free 512K bb access - sounds too good to be true as I spend around £20 per month on calls anyway.

Still waiting on the letter or an official announcement from NTL.

  Newuser38 11:56 06 Jun 2004

Bump for my postings Thanks agin georgemac

  georgemac 16:46 08 Jun 2004

emailed them on Sunday giving them notice to cancel my service on 31/07/04, as until I get details of the BB service on a BT line I cannot make the decsision whether to stay with NTL or not (I hope to).

So have now written to NTL at the address I had my last written communication from them in March 04 - also giving cancellation notice and informing them this had also been sent by email.

I was hoping just to painlessly transfer to NTL BB on a BT line, but if they are rolling out the service on July 31st they are keeping it and the details very quiet.

  georgemac 16:49 08 Jun 2004

should have said July 1st not 31st

  howard60 23:29 08 Jun 2004

I have just moved and now have adsl through my bt phone the great thing is to now be free of ntl. Their so called customer service must be the worst in the world.

  georgemac 16:34 09 Jun 2004

"The information for Freedom Broadband is as follows:
Freedom Broadband will be charged at £29.99 per month and will offer:
- Unlimited 512 kbps ASDL broadband (256 kbps upload speed)
- £15 Worth of calls per month
- Free connection charge (normally £58.57)
- Free modem (normally £25)
- Low price calls 3-2-1 plan to local and national numbers (3p daytime, 2p evening, 1p weekend with 5p connection fee)
- Optional international call plan @ £2 per month extra offereing discounts on calls abroad."

So basically for an additional £14.99 per month I will be getting unlimited 512K broadband compared to what I have now. Seems pretty good so I think I will go for it - no word of how to sign up yet though. I know their phone calls are not the cheapest in the world, but as most unlimited 512K deals cost at least £22.50 per month, £29.99 with £15 of phone calls seems pretty good to me.

  georgemac 07:12 01 Jul 2004

I have the email with all the details, but no announcement from NTL. The email says "We have added your name to the data base and as soon as we have information to send out you will recieve it" so it would appear that the launch date must have slipped.

Has anyone else heard anything? I will try calling them today, as I do not want to be left waiting for an adsl service, and may have to go with a different provider.

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