Ntl cut me off for a week, without cause!

  Pooke 12:14 01 Sep 2005

No longer a happy customer.......

I was extremely pleased with my services until now. My bill dated for to be paid by 30th of August was recieved as usual. On the 23rd they cut me off, TV, phone and BB.

I phoned up, "they said there was a fault in my area" to phone tech support. I hung on there for over half an hour. Then told "no fault you have been down graded and we can't upgrade til you pay your bill".

Back to customer care again and they said my bill hadn't been paid. I wonder if they are a week ahead of the rest of the country? Paid my bill (28th) 2 days before the due date (30th) so they acknowledged getting it on time.

Result a £20 reconnect charge and over a week with no communications in my home. Another point, they didn't automatically resume my services I had to phone and ask to be reconnected.

Argued about this but some how it's my fault.

I'll be heading back to BT at the end of November.


  Stuartli 12:42 01 Sep 2005

You'll be interested to know then just exactly how high in the customer service satisfaction table these two companies have reached in a survey by a well known consumer magazine for a phone line and calls service?

One was bottom and the other next to bottom with scores of 21 and 29 per cent respectively - you've no doubt already guessed which is propping up the rest.

One magazine reader described trying to get it to act as his most painful experience. "It's answering service is a maze. You disappear into the system, sometimes never to reappear."

Another claimed that its customer service is abysmal.

Yet ironically, although I use One.Tel for phone calls, my experience of one of these companies (BT) has mostly been a good one.

Perhaps it's just the area that you happen to live it that's the key?

  dave_and_confused 12:43 01 Sep 2005

Went to a client with NTL broadband problems. Eventually traced it to the fact that when he cancelled Call Waiting on his phone line they also disconnected his broadband. Which was nice.

Now personally I've never had a problem with Telewest that couldn't be easily solved and neither have any of my Telewest enabled clients. But the number of times i have to ring up on behalf of clients to NTL is staggering.

I know it's just my experience but when someone rings and says they have NTL Broadband my heart sinks a bit.

Write to Customer Care and explain the exact chain of events and ask for a refund for the disconnected period. You might get satisfaction.

  Skills 12:51 01 Sep 2005

I would also ask for your £20 reconnection fee to be refunded.

You paid your bill on time and then through no fault of your own was cut off for a week and then you have to pay for the mistake!!!!

Oh dear NTL not a good way to conduct your business at all.

  Pooke 13:27 01 Sep 2005

I'll be complaining again to them. But whatever the result I will not be staying with them once my 12 months are up. Still have my old equipment from BT and Sky so I will be joining them. My subsriptions are over £70 per month plus whatever box office films I buy. I am sure Sky will be happy to recieve my custom.

I don't understand why this happened at all, I'd probably get a better answer from a chimp at our local zoo. I am extremely angry with them and have a huge amount of stuff to do now with having no internet for all that time.


  CALDOW 14:15 01 Sep 2005

I had my setop unit go dead on Saurday last as it was holiday time didnt expect much response.I was wrong within 3hours engineer arrived fitted new unit got it going on basic programs as i went away untill Bank Holiday Monday that was fine.On tne Monday i contacted them regarding the complete programs i was entitled to.No problem sir follow my instuctions sir,it took a 3 hour download while i watched the cricket.In 6years with NTL never had a problem even when i had a broadband fault.Just a afterthought i pay Direct Debit on 3 accounts as to whether this is a reason,dought it all customers should be treated equal. Cadow

  pj123 14:39 01 Sep 2005

I am on NTL since the start. It was Norwich Cable then went to Bell Cablemedia, Cable and Wireless and now NTL. Had a few problems when I first connected to Broadband via my Set top box but since asking them (NTL) to change me to a standalone modem have had no problems.

  Pooke 21:15 01 Sep 2005

Gonna shove a tick on this now, since I'm now calm.

  g0nvs 21:52 01 Sep 2005

Been with NTL for ages, never ever had a problem, 2meg BB, fantastic.

  jz 19:06 02 Sep 2005

My experience is that when things are working with NTL (which they normally do) they work well. But on the rare occasions when things go wrong, NTL take take a long time to get things fixed. I'm not sure if BT are any better.

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