NTL Customer Service?

  Pesala 10:14 13 May 2004

On 12th January 2004 I received a letter from Customer Services informing me that they had been undercharging me for my Home Broadband service since the price increase in May. I asked my brother to check his bank statements, and he found that they had been charging not only £14.99 but also £17.99 a month since August of 2003. He stopped the D/D in January when they took another payment of £14.99. The other D/D for £17.99 is still in force.

He rang NTL and faxed copies of his statements to the Customer Liason team on 20th January. We are still waiting for a response.

On April 28th 2004 I wrote to Sarah Howels at Customer Services, NTL House, Bartley Wood Business Park, Hook,
Hampshire RG27 9UP since she wrote me the original letter. I have yet to hear any response.

My brother is too busy to keep ringing NTL. I have no landline, so every call on my mobile costs about £2 even to speak to someone, and one usually gets passed to another dept., or kept on hold while they make inquiries, so I refuse to call any more. Email is useless as they just say "call customer services."

What else can one do to get service from NTL?

  TBH1 11:29 13 May 2004

Pesala - I sympatise with you - -I have just cancelled my ntl as have gone broadband, and am no in dispute with them - - they say I owe them money and I say I don't. Am in the process of writing yet another letter - - will probably post on this forum when I get time.

Meantime maybe you could work out what you really owe them, if what they say is true and you have been under-charged, and what they owe you with them taking out the £14-99 a month - -it appears to me that this latter ammount is a dial-up account which they didn't cancel when you went broadband ?

  georgemac 11:41 13 May 2004

firstly, go to the NTL home page and click on "your e-bill" log on and save and print all copies of your recent bills if you have not already done so.

Next I advise you to write a letter detailing your complaint, containing copies of all bills, if you submit the bills you should not have to send the bank statements as they will know they have all been paid.

You should the send the letter by registered post to NTL.

I am on dial up NTL Freedom and the last corresspondance I had with them at the end of March was from

Online House, The Avenue, Cleppa Park, Coedkernew, Newport, NP10 8UG

The telephone numbers supplied were 0800 479 8686 and the fax number was 01633 670 100

In your letter you should detail all the phone calls you have made to no avail, expalining you only have a mobile telephone and how much it has cost you.

  georgemac 11:44 13 May 2004

send the letter by registered post to the address you have first, ask them to contact you within a specific period - perhaps 2 weeks - and if they have not done so by then tell them you will then be forced to raise a claim in the Small Claims Court to recover the monies taken from your account in error.

You really need smiffy99 to advise on this one.

  spuds 15:05 13 May 2004

As a telephone line user, any problems would now come under the umbrella of Ofcom [ex Oftel] who could possibly assist you, considering that you seem to have a communication problem with NTL, in non-reply to your correspondence. Ofcom click here

  SEASHANTY 15:18 13 May 2004


  Wes Tam ;-) 15:24 13 May 2004

Pesala try via this site - it gets results click here

Your brother sounds like my son - he never checks his bank statements and he ended up with a similar problem (not NTL) of double deductions from his account which only came to light when they chased him for more money!!

Moral - always check your statements.

  kingsolent 16:32 13 May 2004

i sympathise with your story.

earlier this year we had problems with ntl continuing to charge for a service we wern't using and eventually complained to our credit card who part-refunded us. despite phone calls, letters, emails to ntl we never heard back until credit card co took up our case. ntl did eventually phone us and promised full refund but, to date, not received.

the problems began day one when i tried using their internet service as the line was constantly engaged. after several phone calls i was then asked to phone a premium rate number! no thanks - hence immediate cancellation day 1.

now i regret trying to save a few quid and this experience has actually cost me much time and i'm still out-of-pocket and all down to their very pushy sales person. well done ritchie!

  Pesala 17:57 13 May 2004

I don't owe them anything. When they wrote to me in January they said that no charge would be made for their error, but they didn't know about their other error. The Home Broadband service was £14.99 last year. They upgraded it from 128K to 150K in May 2003, but didnt' inform me of the change. My account was not correctly registered when I moved in March 2003, again their fault, not mine. In July the account got registered, and they started taking £17.99 a month from August, but the old D/D of £14.99 was apparently still in force and was also being debited. The earliest record my brother had for this was for August 2003. I don't know if it was paid from March to July or not.

From August to January, six months, he was paying £32.98 a month for my 150K service. He phoned NTL and was told to fax statements to the Customer Liason Team. This he did on 20th January asking for 6 x £14.99 (£89.95) to be reimbursed. We're still waiting for a reply.

I wrote on April 28th to Customer Services. I also received no reply yet.

  TBH1 20:12 13 May 2004

Pesala - I do really sympathise for you - my battle has not started yet, and over a relatively small amount, either £15 or £30 - - -I haven't decided what to challenge yet.

I sent them a letter of cancellation, and several emails, on the 30th March, expressing my wish to cancel as I intended going broadband, not being in a cable area I had to change my supplier from ntl. I requested from what date I needed to cancel my DD, having just paid one on the 29th. I heard nothing from them so cancelled the next DD, due on the 29th April. When I started with ntl it was a £10/month jobby and I paid first payment at inception therefore , I presumed, in advance. It then went up to £15, this included net access at anytime and £15's worth of calls - anything over the £15 would be paid the following month.

I had an email on the 27th April saying my account would be terminated on the 4th May - no worries I thought. I disconnected all smart boxes on the 3rd and thought that that was relatively painless, considering all the problems I had read about ntl customer support. Two days ago I got a letter saying that they had attempted to take payment from my account which was stopped by the bank - and could I make sure I paid it - this was the £15 monthly fee. I phoned them up and eventually explained what had happened - - they would have none of it and put me in touch with a guy in billing department who said yes, it was a mistake, I owed them £30 !!!! I asked for explanation - I stated that my account was paid in advance - I distinctly remember browsing my very first bill, £10 was taken on day one. He said that the initial payment was a 'registration fee' ( !!! ). I then thought maybe I had it wrong, so understood the £15 they at first said I owed them, but vargued about the 2nd £15 - -he said it was for calls made in the first couple of days in May.

My account is paid on the 29th of each month, that covers 4th to 3rd. If someone had replied to my initial letter or emails this could have been avoided, they could have told me lastt dd date and propoed cut-off date- - but as you know, getting correspondence from this company, unless they're demanding money, is impossible.

The funny thing is, and it is funny, is that whilst waiting on the phone they had an advert saying they would be supplying BB service in the very near future to everyone, not just cabled areas - - -I stated in my letter that the onle reason I was leaving ntl was to go to broadband. In fairness, this is the first lot of trouble I have had with ntl, and so would probably have delayed my conversion to Broadband and given them a chance.

Sorry if I've gone on a bit - - - -I'll get me coat !!!

  pipedream 21:58 13 May 2004

I think the title of this thread sums it up - NTL don't know the meaning of 'Customer Service'. I've finally managed to cancel after 3 months but am trying to get £30 back they owe me.
Have sent 3 letters so far but they just ignore them (or are just plain incompetent). I've never had a reply to an e-mail. If anyone out there is thinking of cancelling NTL in the next year or so, start now! I will never go near them again.

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