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  stef9000 19:13 24 Jul 2004


Im hoping somebody might be able to help me out a little here as im not really clued up about this sort of stuff, so i'll try my best to explain my problem i have with ntl.

In january 2004 after moving in to my first home without parents (yippie) i decided to join ntl for our phone line and internet. At first i was'nt using the computer very much as i never had the time, so the girlfriend talked me into dial up internet and a talk plan where she could use the phone for a hour a day free of charge and this special package costs us around £25 per month and we had to sign a contract for 12 months. But now im getting more time to wonder around on the net i was wanting broadband, but only the 150k as 600k was to dear and i would'nt really make the most of it.So i rang ntl up all was fine until they mentioned the 12 month contract and said due to the contract i'd signed i was only allowed to have the 600k and the talk package i told her i did'nt need the talk plan any longer as we wer'nt using it, but that did'nt matter they say i have to have the talk plan and 600k which works out at a hefty £40.99 per month which is way to much for my pocket.
Someone suggested not paying the bills until i got the service that i wanted. I feel like doing this because why should i pay for something that i really dont want. There was a clause saying i could cancel before the first month was up, but thats long gone now.

Please somebody help me as im getting really fustrated with it now, after endless calls begging and pleding.

Many thanks stefan

  spuds 21:38 24 Jul 2004

Whatever you do,never stop paying a bill, especially if it is tied to a contract. Legal and debt collectors letters come to mind, with all the sorrows behind them.More so, if you have just set up your first home.

I would read the contract that you have, or get the local free advisory outlet to do it for you. Someone like the local law centre,trading standards or cab should be ideal. Sometimes these contract do have let out clauses, if you wish to transfer a service or package. Usually companies are fairly helpfull in this respect,it is when you try or want to opt-out completely that things can get complicated.

I would write a letter to NTL stating what you have suggested and requested, and see what they offer. Speaking to someone in a call centre doesn't always bring the simple solution.

  hugh-265156 23:50 24 Jul 2004

you will be tied to your phone line package for 12mths and cannot downgrade this untill the 12mths are up.

i do not see any reason why you should not be able to upgrade your internet package from dial up to the broadband 150k £17.99 package though. i did this myself and then upgraded again to the 600k £24.99 package within the first 12mths.

as above you wont be able to downgrade the phone though untill the year is up.

  stef9000 00:22 25 Jul 2004

Thanks for your replys.

I've tried reasoning with them and i suggested that i kept the plan i am on now but with 150k broadband instead of dial-up which should of only made it about £30 per month, but no they wont have none of it they want £40.99 off me every month.

Well thanks i think i'll follow spuds advice and try writing them a little see if that helps.


I would suggest that when you write to NTL you say that if they are unwilling to upgrade your internet connection for a reasonable amount, you will move to another telecom supplier when the contract is up in January - and do it.There are many better packages available than NTL appear to have.

  spuds 12:12 25 Jul 2004

NTL have some very strange 'do you want to be a new customer' offers. I keep getting these offers via the usual junk mail.They are now offering me a free 60 day trial of the internet at whatever speed I choose [150k/600k/1mb],free line rental for 3 months,free BT number tranfer and free installion.I could save upto £249.48 if I take up the offer, or at least that what the literature states.In fact it would appear as though NTL will go overboard for me, as they really want my custom. Pity that they do not make life easier for their existing customers.

Funny really, reading the very small print, it would appear as though this latest special offer as the following clause:If you take advantage of this offer, you may not subscribe to any other Broadband offer for a minimum of 3 years from taking out this offer:. It also states that I must agree that should I take out the offer, I will except it as a minimum 12 month contract.

Contact detail given.. NTL Group Ltd,NTL House,Barley Wood Business Park,Hook, Hampshire,RG27 9UP or customer services 0800 052 2000

As I previously stated, the amount of special offer material I receive from NTL is a large amount.I would hate to think how much money I could have saved, if I transferred from my present communication supplier and became the much wanted and cherished NTL new customer.

  stef9000 20:19 25 Jul 2004

Well no matter what the out come i certainly wont be a ntl customer come january thats for sure. I was talkin to a guy in pub this afternoon and he was saying the problem that hes had with ntl but not just with there internet also there sky packages. I hear this alot from other people who have had problems with them but its not about there service or equipment its always regarding there customer service skills. If we all went round treating people the way ntl does then we'd all be at war lol. I'm suprised they have any customers left no wonder they send so many misleading "special offers" out.

If only i'd known how bad they was 6 months ago.
And to make things worse my friend as just got Aol Platinum 1Mb for £19.99 per month no misleading offers no small print, he made 3 calls trying to barter them do but he got what he wanted in end and that good customer services to me. Lets all clap AOL.

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