NTL cable box worth £500???

  Rayuk 18:39 15 Jan 2003
  Rayuk 18:39 15 Jan 2003

My brother has recently been in hospital and when he came out found that his cable box had been stolen on reporting this to ntl after a long time they told him it was £500 to replace the box.I find this to be an exhorbitant price,has anybody else had to replace a box and if so how much did they charge.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:22 15 Jan 2003

Please tell me that he has household insurance.

My mobile phone was free but if it gets nicked a replacement costs £300 ish. Many companies recoup the cost of equipment through their monthly fees.


  Rayuk 19:34 15 Jan 2003

He has household insurance/guilty party is a joint tennant[was] so fear there may be a bit of hassle in the offing,not too clued up about this type of theft.[ie not burglary as guilty party has access to property]will have to go searching on this also.

  Rayuk 19:36 15 Jan 2003

Perhaps this is not the right place for this,was only posting to see if anyone had had to buy a set top box from NTL and at what cost.

  spikeychris 20:09 15 Jan 2003

A search in the UK Media group say the price is £400 per box, thats at a discount when you buy two.


  Gannondorf 21:07 15 Jan 2003

When my father past away last year I rang NTL with regard to returning their 2month old cable box and they told me to throw it away as it had no value whatsoever.

  spikeychris 21:56 15 Jan 2003

and the set was for a digibox....

  oresome 17:56 17 Jan 2003

I don't know what ntl pay for them, but they had an interesting procurement idea when I worked for them.
The specification was sent to a number of manufacturers and their submissions were openly relayed to the other parties. It worked like an auction in reverse, driving the price down to about 50% of what they had been paying. They also teamed up with Telewest to increase the quantity to be purchased.
Don't know if it ever came off though, because suppliers and their bankers became nervious when bankruptcy was on the cards.

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