NTL Broadband Hell

  [DELETED] 09:45 01 Aug 2003

Time for a rant I'm afraid. I have just experienced possibly the worst installation imaginable from this company. They cancelled my install the day before it was due on two occassions by dropping a highly impersonal message through my flat door saying that the install couldn't go ahead due "engineering issues in my area". Both times it was just a generic sorry letter that did not explain what the issue concerned was.

NTL will only give out a time range on the day of installation, and you are expected to be in all day waiting for them to arrive. When I first found this out I asked if I could receive a call just before the installers got to site as I work five minutes from home. I was told this wasn't possible. However, in light of the long delays in getting broadband installed I managed to get them to agree to calling me on the day.

Installation day came and I received a call not from NTL but from my neighbour who told me two guys were waiting outside my flat to install broadband. Rushing home I let them in and admittedly they did a good job. Once they had left I was just about to return to work and discovered that one of them had been less than careful when using my toilet. Lovely!

Anyway, after work I eagerly began installing the NTL software. The first screen told me to disable any antivirus scanners to ensure successful installation of the software. I ignored this as I never trust CDs I didn't make myself. How right I was, as during the course of installation I received no less than four virus warnings from my Norton Antivirus program informing me that an infected file had been placed on my system. Wonderful!

I proceeded with the install anyway, safe in the knowledge that I was protected by Norton. The PC locked up on three occassions and had to be completely powered down which of course meant beginning the install from the beginning. The autorun menu that appears when you insert a CD continously loaded intself to the point where it had opened nine times simulataneously. Next the install program didn't know where to look for the cable modem's drivers even though they were on the same CD.

I eventually got through the entire install and it rebooted my machine. Great I thought, it must be ready. But to my dismay something had obviously gone wrong as all my old dial-up settings were still active and no trace of broadband could be seen. I had to reinstall again, and it came up with a completely different set of screens which finally seemed to do the trick. Since install I have had a couple of instances when the whole PC has just frozen for no reason whilst I was browsing the Internet.

A leaflet with the CD boasted about "Correct Connect", some sort of connection testing and diagnostic utility that is supposedly installed on your desktop. Again, no trace of this can be found on my PC or the CD.

I am still completely gobsmacked by the whole experience! I just wanted to let of steam and warn people of what could happen if you choose NTL! Thanks for reading if you're still there :)

  [DELETED] 10:20 01 Aug 2003

The reason they ask you to turn off the virus checker is that some of the install script is picked up by the checker as a virus.... its not. If it did not install properly this may well be the cause of your woes.

But you dont need to do all this to connect to NTL. You can do it manually but its a bit long winded.

  [DELETED] 10:31 01 Aug 2003

I'm sorry to read this.
My experience was totally different. On time, helpful, without hitch.
I say this, not to gloat, but to note that not all NTL installs are as bad as fazzafaris'

  [DELETED] 10:36 01 Aug 2003

So you are saying that legitimate parts of the NT installation process are detected as viruses when they are not? Is this documented somewhere as I would find it very difficult to just say "oh that's ok then" and turn of the virus scanner?

  [DELETED] 10:36 01 Aug 2003

uninstall the program and phone technical to walk you through setting it up manually in IE.

if you can, connect via ethernet and dont bother with correct connect as it is a waste of time.

this is a problem which can be resolved and dont panic, whens its all done you will think this is the dogs.

  [DELETED] 15:06 01 Aug 2003

Sorry to hear of your problem, My B/B was ordered on one day, activated two days later, and modem arrived and installed 6 days later. All this was with a different company, You won't regret it when it goes on-line, it's amazing. j.

  [DELETED] 16:26 01 Aug 2003

So sorry to hear that you had such a bad time with ntl.

Like ricvic, I had a very hassle-free installation from ntl. All done to schedule within less than a week of the request - and I had some very awkward cable runs for them. I did use a NIC for my installation rather than usb.

The one time I did have a 'crash' I phoned them and got it all sorted down the phone (with no real queue on the phone) by resetting my set top box remotely. I was back on line in about 10 minutes.

Apart from the minor glitches that one can get with any ISP, I've nothing but praise for my installation, service and help.

Let's hope that once you're up and running that you'll find it works fine.

BTW, I dumped Correct Connect as it was a very superfluous bit of software that actually didn't work too well either!


  [DELETED] 16:53 01 Aug 2003

'So you are saying that legitimate parts of the NT installation process are detected as viruses when they are not?'....Yes, the instructions are quite clear. You must TURN OFF your AV as it will as you have noticed, wreck the install. The files that Norton detects are script files for running the software and linking it to your other programmes. Norton is not the sharpest knife in the drawer and tends to use a cover all approach to AV. Most programmes, from legit sources, should be installed sans AV.


  [DELETED] 17:08 01 Aug 2003

NTL just brilliant, wonderful service, on time and
no probs at all since installation.

  [DELETED] 19:49 01 Aug 2003

My NTL broadband installation was fine, worked without a hitch. However, I followed the instructions and turned off Norton AV. So it does look as if leaving AV on was the cause of your problems.

  [DELETED] 22:16 01 Aug 2003

hi everyone, i think ntl are pretty good.for egsample i didn't have a clue how to install or set up any of my connections n i was running a really old crappy computer with win 98 on it everytime i tried to install it said fatal error or it didnt know where the drivers where an i was lost completely. but i phoned ntl up an they where really helpfull although this was a couple of years ago so i hope they havent dropped their standards but for now im still with ntl

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