NTL Broadband -Free Anti-Virus program

  freaky 19:31 07 Dec 2005

NTL have just released 'Netguard' - this is a free antivirus program for their customers only.

It is a full program that includes AV and pop-up control. They are going to add a Firewall and Spyware in a few weeks, but there will be a small monthly charge for these.

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  jimdee79 20:13 07 Dec 2005

is it any good? cos i already have norton which runs out soon? I'm on NTL at the moment.

  freaky 20:48 07 Dec 2005

I have downloaded but not installed it - reason being I am in the same situation as yourself. Have got Norton Internet Security 2004 which is due for renewal at end of December.

Netguard does not yet include a Firewall, and to use Netgear they advise uninstalling any other AVI, if I did this then I would not have a firewall apart from the one with Windows XP. So have not made up my mind yet !

  jimdee79 20:50 07 Dec 2005

i'm using zone alarms free firewall, its free and decent!! try it!

  freaky 21:26 07 Dec 2005

Yep I had Zone Alarm as well before Norton, did not get on with it !

Trouble is I have two PC's networked together and would probably have problems if I uninstalled Norton. I am very tempted to upgrade to Norton Internet Security 2006 as this version makes it easier to share a printer than the version I have now.

Then, when it comes to renew next year, I will replace it with Netguard as all the bug's will be sorted and the extras will be cheaper than updating Norton.

  jimdee79 21:27 07 Dec 2005

are the extras cheaper than updating norton then? cos if they are then i will do the same...

  jimdee79 21:36 07 Dec 2005

do you think NTL's ploy is to try and get its customers using this then suddenly start charging to update and purchase it? Also when the add ons are available will you be able to refuse them and just use the net guard as an anti virus program? Or will they force you to use them and charge you?

  freaky 21:49 07 Dec 2005

From what I have read on their site, Netguard itself, without the extras will remain free including 3 hourly virus updates. The extras will incur a small monthly charge, but you are not obligated to have them. They also state that they will provide free help if you have any problems !

  GaT7 21:50 07 Dec 2005

Wasn't this released a while back? Article written on 20 July 2005 click here. G

  freaky 09:32 08 Dec 2005

I was first notified by NTL about Netguard this week - possibly they issued it earlier, but to a select number to test out. Thanks for the link.

  GaT7 13:51 08 Dec 2005

freaky, I've been with NTL for the past 5-6 months & they haven't even notified me (yet)! I came to know about it a few weeks/months ago when someone on this forum mentioned it. Usually I'm the last to hear about these things, but it appears on this occasion I don't quite fit the bill ; )

Also just found that people (on another forum) have been talking about it since July 12 click here. G

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