NTL Broadband - advanced charging for 2MB service

  VNAM75 23:37 27 Apr 2005

Today I received my NTL Broadband bill with an amount of £49.98 due, which is exactly double the normal monthly fee of £24.99. On the bill it details:

30 Mar - 29 Apr Broadband Internet 2MB 24.99
30 Apr - 29 May Broadband Internet 2MB 24.99

Your Total Service Charges £49.98

I phoned them up a few weeks ago to get the free upgrade from the 750K to the 2MB service. I phoned them up today and they said the 2MB service now incurrs "advanced charging" which means I have to pay for one month in advance, or have one months credit on the account. And next month (end of May) they say I will be charged the normal £24.99 rate which will take me up to the end of June and so I will have paid for an extra month ahead.

I'm not too happy about having to pay for a extra months service I have not had, and also the fact they have not informed me of this in any of their literature. Is anyone else in this situation or has this individual I spoke to today given me the wrong facts?

  Deep 08:15 28 Apr 2005

This extra charge also happened to me after the upgrade from 750k to "Mb.
I simply phoned NTL billing dept and informed them that the upgrade was suppose to be free.
They confirmed this and they re-credited my account accordingly.
You should not have to pay in advanced.

Unless of course, you are a new customer and have only just join NTL services.
I seem to remember that I also paid in advance when I joined, at the time it was called Diamond Cable.

  Danoh 09:00 28 Apr 2005

What is NTL's phone number to call for upgrade enquiries?

  Smiler 12:00 28 Apr 2005

I have always been invoiced for line/TV rental and internet on the 10th of each month for the period from the 11th of that month to the 10th of the following month. The payment is then made by direct debit on the 28th of the month

  Smiler 12:03 28 Apr 2005

Try this number 0800 052 2000 at least it's free

  Danoh 14:02 28 Apr 2005

Thanks Smiler, will try that.

  Danoh 14:27 28 Apr 2005

I got clear confirmation that there will not be advance charging, nor a new 12 months contract applicable and the upgrade can be done within the hour.

My currently uncapped service will become capped at 1Gb per day, for the 2Mb package. Apparently this will be the case for all accounts by default in a couple of months.

I have no idea what tends to be downloaded as this will also need to include Xbox live streaming.

Is there some statistics kept on an Windows XP system that provides a cumulative for PC usage at least?

Don't think I'd want to suddenly find no internet access if the limit is reached!!

  bfoc 15:14 28 Apr 2005

What you were told there currently is a 1Gb 'cap' on all NTL accounts.

When it was introduced it was discussed on here, eg: click here

and elsewhere:

click here

However whether its has been 'policed' I can't say.

Those opting for the 1Mb service will face a much lower cap of 3Gb a month!

  VNAM75 16:04 28 Apr 2005

Has anyone been charged for April and May in this months bill like I have? Or have been charged for a month in advance since being upgraded?

  SEASHANTY 17:05 28 Apr 2005

Perhaps they are moving into line with BT. My BT phone line rental is charged quarterly in advance. The same as everyone's I should imagine.

  g0nvs 18:15 28 Apr 2005

My bill arrived today, same thing, charged twice. My wife phoned NTL and they said it was a billing error and will be rectified. We shall see.

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