NTL to bring out 2mb bradband

  terryr48 22:40 03 Nov 2004

just found this if anyone is interested click here

  Sapins 23:03 03 Nov 2004

Hmmmm, says Wanadoo do not provide 2mb and 3mb, well they do in France, I've just upgraded to 2mb for €34.99 a month, approx. £24.00, this was an offer to double my speed for the same price and there is no download limit and it goes down by €5 (£3.50) on December 1st. I'm a very happy little bunny :-))

  mole44 08:15 04 Nov 2004

for us on NTL we to are happy bunnies,at the moment i am on th 300 sevice ,am i looking forward to the increase, you bet i am,even with a one of fee.

  BRYNIT 08:34 04 Nov 2004

Interesting reading. If this is being offered in the new year for a one-off admin charge of £25 for existing customers it would be worth upgradeing.

Must remember to look into this in the new year.

  BT 09:23 04 Nov 2004

Its OK for some! I live in SE London and in my little part of the world we cannot get NTL Broadband or Digital Cable!!!!!

  JYPX 20:05 04 Nov 2004

Thank you terryr48. This is very interesting indeed.

  accord 21:57 11 Nov 2004

cant see any reference to this on the ntl website click here

  slimbo51 08:31 13 Nov 2004

Just a thought...!

As my yearly contract is over (so no penalty) for cancelling my contract, might as well do this and then re-order the 2mb instead of my current 700k.

Will avoid the 25.00 admin charge as the new package is free.

  SEASHANTY 15:54 15 Nov 2004

Availability of NTL cable connections are limited by the physical size of the pipeline trunking. Once these are at full capacity as they are in many areas with poor TV terrestial reception, then you will not get a connection. Better to keep the line
if you already have one installed.

  steve263000 05:49 16 Nov 2004

I have been with NTL broadband ever since they came to Cardiff. Excellent service. They have recently upgraded me from 512 to 600, and now to 750 at no extra charge. All for £25 pm. If the post is right, I will for one take them up on it.

  SEASHANTY 09:42 16 Nov 2004

Its reported in the current edition of Computeractive Magazine. Details are correct. Like
accord I cannot find any details yet on the ntl website.

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