NTL BB/Phone Package

  Molded 15:45 03 Sep 2004

Was cold-called today re a BB/Phone package which basically gives a 512k service for £29.99 per month with an added incentive of £45 per quarter off the top of my phonecalls - line rental staying with BT.

Is anyone with NTL on a similar package that can comment on reliability etc?

By the way they quote a contention ratio of 20/1 in my area [very rural] which is similar to my existing BT BB.

Thanks - will call back in this evening.

  pj123 16:04 03 Sep 2004

Who cold called you, BT or NTL?

  georgemac 17:05 03 Sep 2004

must have been NTL - effectively 512K unlimited for £15 + £15 of NTL calls - which are now more expensive than BT. Depends how much you use the phone.

The Tesco package at £19.99 for unlimited 512K looks good value and I think Virgin now have a similar offering.

  wallbash 17:54 03 Sep 2004

Was it NTL?? they haven't done a 512k service for some time.

  georgemac 18:50 03 Sep 2004

NTL Freedom Broadband - provided by NTL in some non-cablled areas - line provided by BT. 512K unlimited service. Well it was last time I looked. click here(i5kv52n2zh1wwk554gnwd155)/broadband_v2.aspx if the link works!

  Molded 11:51 04 Sep 2004

Thanks for the comments.

Yes,it was NTL,and I am in a non-cabled area hence the 512k service.

It's just that I am looking [possibly] for an alternative to BT,seeing that they are due to cap traffic from Jan 2005.

Looking at the deal from NTL as a whole ,the £45 per quarter off my phone calls coupled with BB at £29.99 per month looks on the face of it a deal which may suit me.

  spuds 13:02 04 Sep 2004

NTL must be getting very 'thrifty' in their offers to new customers. I receive on average an offer per month, requesting that I convert from BT to NTL.

This months special offer,which is going to save me £114.00 on line rental. I can choose either of the following: Broadband 150k £17.99 per month or BB 600K @ £24.99 per month or BB 1MB @ £37.99 per month. NTL line installation free, and line rental free for twelve months.

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