NTL appologies wearing a bit thin

  obbit 20:01 15 Oct 2003

yet again NTL DNS server has fallen over.

poor equipment=poor service.

I have had problems over the past four weeks and getting tired of NTL.

"cannot find server". "page cannot be displayed".

"you are not authorised to view this page"
but it's my email page!!!!!

If I had another broadband provider in my area I would dump NTL straight away.

  powerless 20:12 15 Oct 2003

to dial up?

  dfghjkl 20:12 15 Oct 2003

i agree with you,when it happened to me i blamed the kids,and spent hours trying to fix it before i realised what it was.

  obbit 20:29 15 Oct 2003


  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:06 15 Oct 2003

A month ago I gave NTL 12 months before they went belly-up. I may have to shorten this prediction somewhat. ;-))


  obbit 21:43 15 Oct 2003

dial up is to slow.

  TBH1 21:55 15 Oct 2003

you defo DON'T wanna go back to dial-up - - -had trouble all last night with it

  obbit 22:16 15 Oct 2003

yes G. i wish they would hurry up and go, let some other company take over. prices may go up but it can't be any worse than NTL.

  Sion 23:26 15 Oct 2003

I have never had a problem with NTL. I always get confused when people complain, are you sure you haven't buggered up your Internet settings. IE is set to automatically configure proxy thingy?? I've had NTL for about 5 years (1 year BBand, 4 DialUp) and honestly do not have anything bad to say about them. The same goes for all my friends as well. But then, i guess people are always more vocal in complaints than praise!

My two cents anyway, for what its worth.

(PS. I win a prize if anyone writes in saying i am one the lucky minority, or words to that effect! )

  TBH1 00:26 16 Oct 2003

Sion - you are one the lucky minority, or words to that effect!!!!!!

  mole44 08:12 16 Oct 2003

sion i`m like you i`m on dialup its a brilliant service from NTL and only £10 a month,i can`t fault NTL for there net

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