NTL 1MB Broadband

  WiLL-A 19:11 06 Jan 2003
  WiLL-A 19:11 06 Jan 2003

Does any one here have any experience of this service and if so how exactly does it compare to 512K ADSL?

Do u get double the performance?

I am considering this service now that it has been reduced to £34.99 per month.

  Andÿ 19:43 06 Jan 2003

I was very surprised to find out that my 600k NTL is more like 800-900k. click here

The average for me is 872.72 Kbps.

That must be double most ADSL connections.

If the 1MB from NTL is any quicker you'd be finished before you get started :o)

  Elrond 21:20 06 Jan 2003

I haven't got it, i'm on the 600k connection, but i think that it would only better the 600k if you do a lot of downloading files. But as Andy says 600k is often very fast and i regularly get d/l speeds of over 100k/sec when it shud be around 60k/s

  Mig2 21:34 06 Jan 2003

I got the 1MB line just before xmas , very pleased with the result when on some sites it shows download speeds in excess of 150KB

  Lead 21:12 07 Jan 2003

I used to be on BY 512kb, averaging ~62KB/s downloads; but found myself spending more time downloading files, so I paid an extra £10 per month for the 1mb connection. It's great. Gaming is no better or worse, it doesn't work that way, but downloads have more than doubled to ~122KB/s. Definitely worth £35pm, couldn't go back now.

  Eagle Eyed Cherry 22:53 07 Jan 2003

Had 1mb NTL for nearly 3 months now. Speeds are consistent and pings are low. I nearly always get 1021kbs when I visit click here
D/l a 5.6mb file from Adobe earlier at 6.30pm which took all of 46secs, and that was at rush hour :-;
Customer service is shite though thats the only downfall with NTL.

  accord 23:27 07 Jan 2003

silly question guys, but how do you check you download speeds???

  jazzypop 23:45 07 Jan 2003

click here for the best BB speed check that I have found

  Eagle Eyed Cherry 07:10 08 Jan 2003

You could also try click here
This usually gives a accurate reading. Do not try pcpitstop or zdnet, not at all accurate, as there servers are US based.

  IMidas 09:50 08 Jan 2003

I've had the 1Mbit NTL service for a couple of months now, and when all is well (I say that because a couple of days in the past, I have had my connection speed drop to slower than speeds I got with 56k - I think NTL were upgrading their network though) I tend to get speeds of around 125kb/s to 150kb/s when downloading files off of internet websites like this one and web browsing is very fast. However often on kazaa I will only reach speeds of around 50kb/s because my connection speed is limited by the users upload speeds on the other end. I think in the near future I will downgrade to 600kbit service from NTL because web browsing as far as I've heard is virtually the same speed as the 1Mbit service and because I am not getting the full potential of a mbit in kazaa (basically 1mbit is too fast for me!). I'll save myself a tenner every month.

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