NTL 1.5mb service for the price of 750kbps service

  tonyuk72 12:25 25 Nov 2004

It's been a while since I've posted so I thought what better way than to share my recent savings tactic. It's a little complicated and you will have needed to join NTL on thier 750kbps service after leaving a BT based (ADSL) service.

NTL advertise that thier 750kbps service is better, faster & cheaper than the 512kbps BT based ADSL. You will find this stated on thier website, TV & Paper adverts as well as mailshots. The fact of the matter is that ADSL has a download speed upto 512kbps and an upload speed of upto 256kbps, where as the comparible NTL 750kbps service only has an upload speed of 128kbps, this is 50% less than ADSL.

I contacted them and told them I wished to terminate my new contract (3 months old) as I had been advised as explained above & by a sales manager that the 750kbps service was better, faster & cheaper which had obviously been misleading. I was almost instantly offered an upload speed of 256kbps FOC, the side effect of this was that I had to be moved onto the 1.5mb service......

Enjoy you savings & increased speeds if you are entitled to use this information.

  tonyuk72 14:46 27 Nov 2004

Bump in order to tick as resolved as it's for information only.

  jonnie-187464 23:43 27 Nov 2004

Phoning them but to no avail as i was passed to millions of people within NTL, i just kept going round and round for hours.
In the end i just put the phone down.
Given up, i will stay on the 750kbps.

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