NTL 128K price hike confirmed

  TOPCAT® 12:59 28 Mar 2003

'NTL has confirmed that the price of its 128Kbps 'broadband' service will increase to £17.99 a month from May 1.

However, as if to sweeten the pill, the cableco has said that the speed of the service will increase to 150Kbps...'

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  TOPCAT® 21:41 28 Mar 2003


  Tim1964 21:06 29 Mar 2003

The price increase is 20% but the speed increase is only 17%, that's good of them isn't it?

Another thing is that, of course the price is DEFINATELY going up to £17.99 but the speed is going UP to 150k (on a good day maybe ~~)

  Tim1964 21:07 29 Mar 2003


  'oppy 23:47 29 Mar 2003

Cancelling my account, can't afford the increase.

  dfoley 00:07 01 Apr 2003

I have taken out the package, if it goes up, i will also cancel

  Mango Grummit 08:40 01 Apr 2003

Can you cancel within 12 months? Don't know with NTL but you can't with most of them can you.

  Tall 10:13 05 Apr 2003

Well joy of joys. They entice people like me to sign up to a twelve month contract by offering cheap installation and then hit us with a price hike. It may be good business but it will be a PR disaster.

PCAdvisor - hit them with your best journalism. Make them squirm over this, please.

  accord 22:21 07 Apr 2003


if you are going to cancel the service due to 2 quid price increase, what ISP are you going to use, wont you have to pay a further sign on/activation fee with the new one, seems like false economy to me.

  Steinman 23:25 07 Apr 2003

If NTL breaks its side of a contract then u can cancel without fear. They did similar thing with Cable TV a couple of yrs ago.

  Iceman1978 23:34 07 Apr 2003

Free internet access seems all but a distant memory. There seems to have been an agreement between all isp, To use free access to build up there user base then hit us were it hurts. It was all a ploy to get us onto broadband, and by damn it worked! : P

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