NTHell gone and 2000 jobs at NTL

  obbit 16:46 21 Nov 2003

click here

click here

hhmmmm methinks they are still struggling dispite having more customers.

  igk 00:02 22 Nov 2003

Nothing surprises me with NTL, Iv'e been with them for 4 years (only because the area i'm in I have to use cable for tv)and they have gotten worse by the day, news servers down most of the time,e-mail sporadic,customer service disgusting (spent 21/2 hours recently on the helpline to be told that they did not know what to do either!)then they try to worry people by sending out e-mails saying they could be infected by viruses (trying to cover up their slow outdated servers)then they e-mail telling us that we have two days to download dialup software otherwise we will not get connected (this was wrong in my and most peoples cases!!).

  Forum Editor 01:57 22 Nov 2003

that has to deal with losses of around £11 billion is going to have a terrible time just staying afloat, and the first duty of a board of directors is to take action to reduce overheads and hope to maintain revenues. The biggest single overhead for any company is its wages bill, and it's no wonder that NTL are shedding people like leaves in an autumn gale. If you can do this and maintain your revenue stream you have a fighting chance of survival. Having said that, NTL operate in one of the world's most competitive markets, and unless they maintain their service levels whilst all this weight-shedding goes on they won't come out on the other side.

We, the public don't have a particularly wide range of cable providers from which to choose, and we would do well to remember that. For many people, a cable service is the only broadband option, and if that goes they face a return to 56k dial up connections.

  Stuartli 08:25 22 Nov 2003

There's no better example than how not to run a business than Leeds United (in fact if it had been a "proper" business it would have gone under many moons ago).

The only "business" that gets away with consistently poor standards of management, yet which is able to charge whatever it likes to its customers to make up deficits, is New Labour...:-)

Unfortunately, it's yours and my money that's disappearing into a vast hole.

  obbit 17:17 22 Nov 2003

is deregulation another failed conservative policy?

  oresome 19:27 22 Nov 2003

I thought politics was a no go area on this site?

  Pauper 13:25 23 Nov 2003

For those who used to use the nthellworld.COM site, you might like to try this one instead click here I am surprised that ntl didn't snap up this plus all other variation of the 'nthellworld' theme when they bought out the original site.

  igk 14:42 24 Nov 2003

Hi Pauper,
Thanks for the link,did not know about it!

  byfordr 16:59 24 Nov 2003

I must be one of the few people to walk away unscathed from NTHELL. They actually turned up when they was supposed, everything they fitted worked as it was supposed to. The only thing they didn't do was fit the second box I ordered. I never chased it up and never got charged for it...

I had quite a few friends working for them and some of the horror stories I've heard it was a wonder I didn't have problems.

Having problems with ntl,Not me yes it's true. Had to ring them up twice in 2 years both times had problem solved,within 10 minute wait.First was a problem on computer change and then on swapping my desktop and laptop kept freezing the set box,chap got a senior and came back with the answer in 1/4 hour on ring back.Get all mail and internet nearly everytime I want.I'm a lucky sod?

  canard 23:28 24 Nov 2003

I've always had good service from NTL and have no grumbles at all. Their engineers appear next day and deal with collapsed modems while the telephone prob solve dept has always worked a treat.

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