Is this now the standard for NTL Customer Service

  pj123 18:16 17 Jun 2005

I had a slight altercation with NTL Customer Services. I am paying for call barring on Premium Rate numbers. But my latest bill shows around 14 Premium Rate numbers listed. When I queried it I was told that I have the wrong call barring on my phone. I asked if it could be fixed and was told "No, I can't fix it, you will have to call NTL faults." I called faults and they agreed that I had the wrong call barring on but they couldn't fix it either. I had to call Customer Services, which I did again, and spoke to another person who would sort it out. He then told me that I could activate call barring myself using a series of * and # codes, which he gave me but they would not come into force until 17/06/2005. I explained that I had been told before that in the Norwich area we cannot activate call barring ourselves, but he was adamant that we can. So I tried today, and it doesn't work. Rang Customers Services again today and told them that I still do not have call barring on Premium Rate numbers and I can't activate it myself. Unfortunately, I lost my rag at this point and hung up the phone. Now when I wanted to make a phone call the line is dead. I rang NTL Customer Services on another phone and was told "The phone has been disconnected for some reason". They can't tell me the reason but said they would try to get it reconnected, which would take about 5 or 6 hours. Is that a coincidence, or has a Customer Service Agent done it deliberately?

  spuds 19:47 17 Jun 2005

Rule 1:Abusive Customer--Disconnect.

  rdave13 20:16 17 Jun 2005

Seems to be the norm today not to listen to customers. Why go to buisiness not caring about the people who give them their bred and butter?

AOL still won't let me log into a-squared forum! despite saying they'll fix the problem. :(

  pj123 21:05 17 Jun 2005

spuds, I wasn't abusive. I just hung up the phone. On the 14th June I spoke to four different people at NTL being passed from one to the other. It was the last person I spoke to then that told me I could do the call barring myself but not until today 17th June, which didn't work. I have now spoken to two different people today one who now says I can't activate call barring myself and he will get it sorted for me. It is now apparently in hand but won't become active until Monday 20th June. The second person is sorting out the reconnection of the phone and has given me a £20 credit on my account.

  pj123 14:17 19 Jun 2005

Just been told by NTL that there are 99 stages to reconnect a telephone line. I am now on stage 98. The help guy is going to ring me back tomorrow (Monday) with an update. Although I wasn't abusive (I just said I was unhappy with the support I was getting) I still feel this is a deliberate act by an NTL Agent.

  [email protected]@ 16:30 19 Jun 2005

Rule 1:Abusive Customer--Disconnect

Rule 2:Disconnected customer = go somewhere else for better service.

  pj123 15:22 20 Jun 2005

Update. No one rang me back today. I rang them.

Everything is now back to normal, my telephone line is up an running, except I had call barring on Premium Rate calls. So another call and now the call barring is put back on but won't be effective until 22/06/2005. Have also been credited with all Premium Rate calls on my latest bill. So, although it's taken 4 days to resolve this problem with NTL it is now finished, although nobody would tell me why the problem started in the first place.

I will tick as resolved.

  jackthelad71 16:16 20 Jun 2005

I assume you are on dial up? if so why not go on Broadband for a few pounds more as it does not dial up there is less chance of someone dialing on your line!.

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